Mission question



finally got to mission 10 cuz i love deadpool and want the title lol.

anyways it keeps breaking early. tried plinking at different times between :m::h: even the same time of both and still doesn’t seem to work. any suggestions? thx :slight_smile:


You shouldnt have to plink it. The combo is a standrad cr :l::m::h: with an assist thrown in, all you should be doing is hit the combo lie normal, except hit assist right before cr.:h: and after you hit quickwork, magneto’s assist will hit allowing for the rest of the combo.

So to practice, just hit cr. :l::m::h::qcb::l: and get the timing down, add in :a1: after the :m: and do :qcb::l: to see if they still connect. When they do, move on to the next part of the combo.