Mission Report: December 16th, 1991



I’m hoping this character isn’t just another Spencer but with guns. Outside of his existence, is there anything else known about how he’s going to play? Please post any news and/or tech here.


I won’t be surprised if Winter and Spencer have some dialogue between each other. Too easy to play that off.


I saw some people speculating he’ll have moves similar to Snake from SSBB with mortars, rocket launcher and a helicopter hyper combo.

All speculation though, I already feel like there are enough gun characters. Maybe he’ll have some of Caps shield moves sorta like a MVCI version of Taskmaster, guns and a shield. Who knows…

He’ll probably have an assault rifle or sniper rifle move that cannot be reflected, idk.


You know what function had a robot arm and big guns? Cable.


Bucky don’t do big guns. But I can see how his kit can cross over with similar ‘geared up’ characters.


I am probably in the minority but Winter Soldier is the most interesting DLC character to me. However he probably is the biggest risk vs reward of all 6 DLC meaning they could totally knock it out of the part and create a really fucking cool character or he could be a huge dud and nobody will play him and he is lame as hell.

I really hope they limit the similarities between him and other gun wielding characters that already exist in the game.

Yes plz

  • Rifles are fine
  • Knives are cool
  • EMP discharger
  • Holographic projector
  • mortar, maybe?
  • Caps shield
  • pistol whip/butt-stroking
  • plasma grenade

No thx

  • Dual wielding pistols
  • ammo system
  • laser guns
  • landmines/ground based traps
  • incendiary devices
  • shotguns
  • smgs
  • rocket launcher


He’s almost totally not getting a Cap shield. I think his distinction will be his arm. Perhaps a rekka more elaborate than Chris’ kinda-sorta rekka. Probably gonna be a command grab to flesh out his very likely gun based zoning kit, tbh.


I love the character so I’m hoping he will have an interesting playstyle. Please just don’t be like Chris or Spencer.



I’m contemplating dropping Nemesis from my team for a Chris/Bucky team when he is released, we’ll see.


I hope he’ll be cool. I love him in the MCU movies, and should probably get to reading some comics with him. But I can’t imagine a moveset for him that isn’t just Chris/Spencer rolled into one character. Here’s hoping I’ll be proven wrong.


Well he’s not gonna swing around with a zip line. I really don’t see why bring up the Spencer thing for the sole reason of a metal arm. I mean he’s gonna have an arm themed attack but I doubt we’re gonna see Bionic Arm 2.


looks fun. can’t wait to try him out


Cable can’t do shit with his robot arm. It’s just there to keep a virus in check.


Close enough, for now…


That win pose creeped me put.


The arm is the effects of the virus. His mutant powers are 100% dedicated to keeping at bay. It’s not super strong or anything. It’s actually kinda sad.


Needs more video. I’m trapped at work. I must live vicariously through you all…please…


So these are the BnB’s I’ve come up with for Bucky today. They’re not all that hard at all which is refreshing, both meter positive and I’m having a lot of fun playing with him too. With all the tools he has and this kind of damage(!!) I think he’s gonna be a great partner on a lot of teams. Loving these new characters so far. Have fun folks!


I did up my cambo stuff as well