Mission thoughts


Just wondering what peoples thoughts were about the mission mode.

Personaly, I’m having fun with them.
Was thinking if they made extra dlc missions how well that woud do?


I like having these in any fighting game. They’re great for getting used to the combo system.


I like having mission mode around too. It gives combos and teaches some of us newer players how to use assists.


If they sold em, would u guys buy em?
Like if they had player specific combos.

Id get those over costumes any day.


I like missions. I liked trials in SF4 and Blazblue too. One thing I’ve wanted to see, is the ability to put together a list of moves yourself so I can practice combos I find online without having to keep looking at the computer or a piece of paper. And theeeen being able to share a sick combo you made over XBL/PSN would be teh greatest thing ever.


I like misson mode. Gets you used to the system mechanics and whatknot.

Like other titles, I don’t like that 1 or 2 easy bnb combos can pretty much do almost as much damage as the harder combos. I know there combo options, but %10 difference for something harder is blah.

More character specific combo’s would be nice. Doing 1 combo on Hulk, will not exactly work on someone like Joe or Ammy for example.


In answer to your second question. No way.

In answer to your first question. It’s fun, helps you get used to the system, and the trials in MvC3 are decent enough to give you some ideas how to approach a character beyond the universal BnB, at least for the trials 5-9, with 10 being an interesting look into how to explore a character’s potential and 1-4 being… kinda useless fluff.

Three things I don’t like about MvC3’s mission mode though:

-No display/demonstrate combo feature, i.e. press a button, have the game show off the combo for you. Just having the inputs is good enough, but sometimes there’s a combo that requires you to do something weird timing wise ( delay a hit, walk forward, manually jump, something ), that you have to stumble through. Nothing wrong with stumbling through combos, but it’s a tad annoying sometimes to see that you’re not doing it right just because the game didn’t articulate some extra feature you needed to understand

-Having to dig through the menu for inputs/full combo information Pretty self explanatory, it’d be nice if you could have inputs show up on the scrolling menu, or some interface to quickly check inputs/combo details. Not a huge issue though.

-Some annoying combo starters Again, not a huge issue, but there’s a few characters who just have… weird combo starters. Hulk comes to mind, he has a trial centered around an OTG hyper XFC’d into another hyper or something. Not too hard, but annoyingly the combo starts with an odd jumpin… one that seems to serve no purpose whatsoever, as it’s not the meat of the combo and the jumpin needs to be too deep to have any practical purpose…


They are ok, but it gets stupid when they want you to use assist as a character combo.

With how limited the game really is, but then again it’s still possible Capcom might sell tutorial mode, anyone else surprised they don’t charge a monthly fee for online? “It’s Marvel baby.” “Oh my god, oh my god.” “Ten more years.” You heard the replayed hype, now pay up bitches.


Still annoyed Capcom didn’t give me anything for completing them all.

I guess they left out those achievements or special titles for all those OCD people who end up putting craigslist adds up to get them completed.

lame. =/


People do this? really?
And no I would not pay for more missions. If they want to give more to me for free I’d be happy to oblige, but there are more things that could be fixed (netcode, XFactor? please).

//rant+ignore: Realtalk, OCD isn’t fun to have (blahblahblah from medical XP)


They need further explanation for issues like timing.


Id rather heve the missions like in BB where you press select and get the AI to show you how its done. Helps a great deal with timing instead of having to try out when to press that stupid assist button…


Which character has the hardest missions?


Viewtiful Joe, if I recall correctly.


I’d love if the missions were more like the Blazblue ones where you could hit a button to watch the CPU do the combo, or to view the command inputs for the specials. Some of the combo openings are odd too, at least for newbies, like jumping in with S and then doing a standing Light. I’d love to be able to see if I’m doing it right.


everything ihatemodok said.

some of them are completely impractical on purpose, IMHO.


they are ok.



Got the 320 achievement, may go back to finish the rest of them if I’m bored enough. I’d much rather have a competent tutorial mode than this, though.


Yes but the better combos people use are based on stuff we all saw in mission mode combos.


does anyone know how to prevent from having the mission disappear? i heard you have to go to mission select, AND THEN main menu or something to that nature. I am so extremely pissed that half my missions are gone, two of them being all completed. thnx