Mississauga 2012 Thread


I live at Mclaughing and Derry, I don’t mind making the commute because it doesn’t really take long to get there. I don’t mind bringing an extra system but I only have UMvC3, SFxT, SSF4:AE for xbox only.



I would be really down for AE. I could bring a copy and maybe an Xbox, and forsure a stick or two (both xbox). Also if it does end up happening if anyone is in the Cawthra and Lakeshore area I can give them a lift as well, cause I would be driving from there.



its kind of far for me but i wouldnt mind



Let me be the first to suggest possible days then: Monday, Thursday, Sunday in no particular order of preference.

Wednesday has casuals already at A&C, Friday and Saturday are usually days people go out to enjoy the weekend, and Tuesday is meh.
If anyone is interested for this Thursday, just drop me a ping on 416 eight three eight eight four five one.



I have mondays off school and Sundays Im usually free after work. So I would be down for some AE from time to time on those days.



I think Thursdays sound cool, other than the person who posted above me, I don’t know a lot of folks that have Mondays off school on their schedules, Wednesdays is casuals at A&C then people could just play some more the day after if you have it on Thursday, leaving Friday, Saturday and Sunday for people to go and hang out and party, work or whatever.

If you do need an Extra Xbox I’ll gladly bring mine, I live just off of Bristol and Hurontario which is about a 10 minute bus drive from SQ1 bus terminal, so the commute from my place to yours is literately just a straight line.

I just want more days to play some marvel, waiting only once a week for casuals is very boring, especially now that I’v converted to strictly just playing offline :^(



dat crack



anyone up for casuals tomorrow? i’ll ask my friend to bring his 360, but he only plays ae and killer instinct on snes. speaking of which, i need to learn killer instinct, too.



I’m down for tomorrow, u live like 5 min from me lol



so far, i got a few who msged me, all wanting to play a different game, lol. would be better if we had more people, but i guess srk isn’t exactly the best place to advertise. i’ll probably start a fb group and post on the a&c and ttt groups to get the word out.

meanwhile, today is still open if people want to drop by to play for a bit; drop me a text if you’re planning to come. gonna confirm with my neighbor if he’s still coming so there’d be at least one other person to play against (he’s only into AE)



where is it again and what time?



70 Absolute (hurontario x burnhamthorpe). Details about parking and stuff are in the huge post i have up there.

My friend confirmed he’ll bring an xbox setup (ae, two sticks) after his work (around 8)
People are welcome to come anytime after 5, send me a text on 416 eight three eight eight four five one for the Unit #.

So far two confirmed via text to be coming around 6.



Hey jabots,
I’d be down to play too mostly Sundays (because I work evenings) and whatever other day I’m free
but this location is better for me then where you used to live anyways

I really want to play ae, but I’ll play marvel as well



I would love to play casuals, I drive 2.5 hrs just to go play at ghetty, I live in Belleville a small town about 50 mins before Kingston. I will be on days next week so will have afternoons free.



cant have it this sunday as i have a bachelors party to go to all weekend. maybe next week again.
there were 4 of us yesterday, umvc on ps3, ae on xbox. not bad for a start, hoping for better turnout once interest grows.



Im down for ae from time to time if there is like an actual time when people decide to go and what not, I’m usually not on srk enough to see when someone posts a “whoever wants to come tonight”. I think the FB group might be a good idea too!



anything today for AE?



Sorry guys spam help spread the news,

7pm Thurs will be the last team Canada Qualifiers ($25 entry) then the round robin will be right after to be on Team Canada.
There is a possibility that there is a 2nd Team Canada if Team UK doesn’t make it which 70% chance they aren’t going to make it. The winner of the qualifiers will be on team Canada or may have a choice to be Captain of the 2nd team Canada. And he can select his team, but CCG will confirm this on Weds.

Also, we will be playing a tournament 7pm for Umvc3 top 5 will be on Team Canada ($25 entry) this is an exhibition vs USA, prizes tbv.
One last thing you do need to be registered for the event to participate.



I hope you continue hosting these! I’m somewhat new to the scene, been to A&C like twice, but I live nearby and would be able to come with consistency. A&C is a pain for me to get to, and most of my group of AE friends don’t play much anymore. I need something like this to stop from slumping my remaining skillz into oblivion :confused:

So yeah, I’d be more than down. I only really play AE and I only have a stick for 360 though.

EDIT: Although I should add that I could also be the guy to bring my Xbox with a stick if needed. Wouldn’t be a problem.



Yeah if we get AE casuals going consistantly, I would be happy to bring my stick as well! Would probably even be down to play marvel, but i definitely prefer AE.