Mississauga August Thread

Old school thread title.
Made this two days early, because i’m probably gonne forget over the next two days, and the crackers are all at the cottage. Which means that the Brampton scrubs will try and take over.
Anyway. Schools almost started again.
Last EMTC summer tournament?

That is the saddest thing I’ve read in quite some time. I still don’t get why you’re so obsessed with Brampton making a Sauga thread when I haven’t done so in ages.

Holy shit! Someone spelled something out fully for once. I better take a screenshot!

Screw EMTC. I went to orbit today and had more fun than 4 trips to the Ghost-box combined.

Didn’t someone said they’re going to run tourneys at Skybox 2 weeks ago?

Today was amazing. I’ve beated and lost to almost everyone. YellowS, JS, Wing, Jonstar, some asian guy, another asian guy, and another asian guy. GGs

Fucking roll super/throw/uppercut owns me. Pretty much everyone can play evenly against me. Stop running away!

just wondering where i can play 3rd Strike around Mississauga and how i can get there?

i went to playdium and the 3S machine is gone…

Erin Mills Town Center is where u can find some practice dummies…if u see a big goodlooking black guy like myself playing :lame: , introduce yourself n receive your marvel ass whooping.

I’m playing yo, where in sauga do u live, whats ur msn?

There are no 3S machines in Sauga, all play(if at all) is done at home in casuals. Play at Orbit. Who are you?

Justin: You made the May thread. Considering these threads are monthly, that was pretty recent. Also, a quote from the June thread:

A quick search reveals I haven’t stolen a Sauga thread since October 2004 so you can SHUT UP!

I’m not exactly sure where you were searching. :rolleyes:

i do play at orbit, but i can’t be there all the time =P
btw, i’m a Battle Gear driver =P
you’ve probably seen my time attack ghosts on those Battle Gear 2 and 3 machines =P
recently trying to pickup 3S again!

WTF is Battle Gear???

Battle Gear is one of those arcade racers =)

btw, where is this Brampton arcade??

Ahh, ok. I don’t goto the arcade except for fighting games. Where are you located btw?

there is a 3s machine at captin’s. which is a snooker / pool hall. it is 25 cent a game, but no one is there to play u in 3s. =p

i mostly go to orbit, but when i visit my gf i’ll be in mississauga.

haha, yesterday i got my ass handed to me… won 3 out of 10 matches…

so…how’s your girl doin?

Was completly oblivious to the fact there was a August thread so early (no wonder July Thread was dead). Anyways just wondering how many of us are Smash players because there’s someone in toronto thinking of holding a tourney there soon. O ya…and I’m just curious as to if anyone still goes to EMTC that much? :rofl:

Brampton shoppers world is 3s…but again, it’s next to empty in the everytime i go.

about everyone in sauga plays Smash bros

Ramy; are you missing a memory stick? I have one from T6 and it doesn’t belong to Rey so I can only assume it’s yours. Drop me a line here or on MSN to confirm.

Cottage was mad fun!

James and others: I forgot my 2pac and xzibit cd’s at your cottage, just let me know if you found them. THEY WERE there, so either they are around or someone took 'em.

Thanks to James for having us, poeta for driving & the ‘bitch hunt’ adventure, Bry for the zooms, and to anyone else I may have forgotten.

some 1 post up a nice log for the cottage.

COTTAGE OWNED!!! I have the game of life and some board games, shu’s cds and cq’s jacket. The cost of gas for me was a total of $72.81, post ur cost poeta. Custies didnt help clean today, just left last night screwin us over! Thank you James for having us up, SICKEST TIME EVER! Thank you poeta for driving as well. I regret not having poeta drive back with us, they coulda cleaned, and i wouldnt have mind seeing him yell at random people while driving :tup: