Mississauga December Thread


Steal That Shit!

Christmas Countdown in 17 days.

The Mouth is unstoppable.

EX Matt will not survive the 100 match challenge.

Icicles FTW!

I’ll offer this money match to sanford or lord magnus

I get to pick sentinel then every other character gets written down and thrown into a hat and i draw for my characters. First to 5 for $20.

That’s never gonna happen mainly because everyones too lazy to write down the names off all the chars.

lmao curt that post to start the thread was hilarious… made me laugh nicely at 6:45 am

ill do it if they accept the challenge

Okay… I’ve been having a night of hilarious dreams. One which I remember in detail I can only tell in person, but the main points of it are I am always right and I discover the cure for cancer lies in the pineapple. This dream actually has solutions for everything on the planet, it was quite possibly the most in depth dream ever. It even explains Jesus… ANYWAYS.

One other dream I had was some human vs. orc tournament. Like combat type thing, or tournamnet of champions, I don’t know. Me/Bry were chosen to represent the humans, but then all of a sudden Bry was missing at the start. He runs in with his head glowing yellow because he was taken over by the orcs and then saves me from some orc that threw an axe at my head (SCREW YOUR WATTER BOTTLE THROWING, I swear this part came from when you did that). Then I get converted to an orc as well… and we win the tournament for the orcs. The orcs then let us go after forcing us to say for the horde… and its over. This dream had a lot more in the beginning, something about my town being raided by orcs first, and the first time bry went missing. I couldn’t believe how crazy my dreams were.

Then last… during my nap… I was driving my dad around town in some convertable that didn’t have a fold over roof, or any type of roof at all. It was a TRUE convertable. So I drive in to the car wash, and basically the guy who runs it is inside it. Its one of thsoe old fashioned twirly brush ones. We talk to him and make sure that he can make it so its good for our car. Okay, ready to go.

He starts off by rinsing our car (which he does), and then takes out the blue soap. He sprays the front, then gets me and my dad directly in the face. I yell “F&$@ THAT”, and leave. And the dream ends.

If there was no top how could it be a TRUE convertable? There is nothing converting about it.

And you say my dreams are insane. . .

I’m thinking about the 100 match thing, I’m confident I could do it but I think I’d get to bored doing it.

wow, what is it about whacky dreams and happening to everyone on the same day. i had 2 fucking crazy dreams last night, except the second is more of a “DAMN WHYD I WAKE UP” thing.
basically it instantly became night after i reached back home from somewhere with the marvel crew, except we decided to chill outside. then i started screaming that “hes comming”. i was refering to a fucking dangerous monster that apparently i knew was comming to my house tonight so i told everyone to get inside so we could get onto the roof and be safe. people said that they’d be back, also it was just my dad home, my mom and sister were gone somewhere. so the doorbell rings and there were roughly 20 people at my door. i open the door and tell everyone i dont know to go into the basement, and the sauga crew went upstairs to the computer room. about half an hour passes and i decide to go check on the people in the basement but everyone’s mysteriously gone except for a friend of mine that i havent seen in over 3 years, sandra. im randomly talking with her and told her to get upstairs. so i get upstairs and the sauga crew is gone, instead theres this fine girl i sit beside, i started talking to her but i woke up. then when i went back to sleep its like i continued the dream with the same characters but completely different setting. we were on a train and im basically telling this bitch i wana merc her. she says we cant go back to her house so i volunteer mine. we go back to my place and fuck, but then all of a sudden we both somehow knew that the monster from the previous dream was comming so we scramble to get clothes on and run into the attic(sp?) and the dream ended. =/

Basically the monster owns you. No choice about it… that monster eats all the people in the basement, then all of sauga crew. It has to be her. FEAR THAT GIRL. SHE’S THE MONSTER! She can even turn into a fine girl.

If we werent smoking blunts in the computer room I dont believe that dream :clap:

I also had a dream where i was gonna merc this bitch but i woke up during a 69 :sad:

got a question… Does anybody know how to get to 407 Iroquois Shore Road by bus? It’s in oakville, it’s a sheridan skills training centre facility.

oh yea, forgot it’s december haha. whoops.

emtc tomorrow?

Ya i’ll be there around 1.

I’ll be downtown studying :frowning:

Well if you want to get to sheridan…go to South Common Mall and go to the stop that has 47 at the top…and take the only Oakville bus there…Not sure if thats what you want though…:confused:

So i’ve pretty much been kicked out of every bar in waterloo…i’m so proud. Last night i got kicked out for being too drunk, my buddy got kicked out 5 minuts later for taking a piss in a garbage can by the bar.

And THAT my friends is the true University experience I’ve been talking about. :tup:

I got banned from the UTM pub, does that count? :sad:

lol, what did u get banned for?