Mississauga Februrary 2006 Thread

February. Starting new job in 2 hours, I love night shifts. :tup:

Wo bu zhi dao.




home made burgers + beer is GOD TIER.
reminds me of my cottage. which we ARE going to again this year sometime in early/mid june when no1 is there. only 8 people max including myself.

edit: to settle the “whos the best bond” thing, i say someday we rent/borrow from bry your fav sean connery bond, golden eye, and a tough moore bond movie to put to the test, just who the toughest bond really is, because ill be honest…i think ive only seen 1 sean connery bond movie and it might have only been half of it at that…im pretty sure it was from russia with love. also, which bond movie was it that had the chello or w/e instrument in it?


Ahh, suddenly things become a lot clearer, you should have said that you’ve never seen a full Connery Bond before. I dunno, from the GD thread, it seems that the people who actually started watching Bond from the OG films, liked the old actors better, while those who started with Brosnan, like Brosnan the best. Makes sense I guess.

yo shu, about the sd 64 for 10, 128 for 18. tell me if uw ant it will get it tommorow.

anant 1 of clock studentcenter
get ready for uppercut dejin

thats it. . . FIRE


id hit the one on the left…and the right.

Is this thread not subscribing properly?

so yea…i spent 40$ on 1.75 beers. I grabbed some girls ass, she got mad, but didn’t slap me…so i got her number.

:tup: The Master Of The Universe is YOUR hero and mine. :tup:

Hayvren; did you break up with the hot blonde?

Anant; you’re probably wise to go back for your car on Sunday because I don’t know what Sauga folks are making their way here or who would be able to give you a ride back.

Curt is it cool to come around 6? I can bring people back but probably not there.

girls who get mad at ass grabbing but dont slap are definatly keepers, but only if they’re random girls you’ve never met before. if they know you and still get mad, chances are they dont put out.

ps. beware of the girls who tease you for free drinks @_@

Yeah Teddy that’s fine.

James; every girl teases for free drinks. It’s thier mission at the bar/club.

Can I get a ride back Teddy? If more people want to come, that’s fine, i’ll just go back and get my car, don’t want to screw anyone out of a spot when i could just make it there myself.