Mississauga January 2006 Thread

Poof. :party: :nunchuck:

Happy New Years!!!

Happy New Year guys.

Did everyone make it to that party?

Hayvren; did you succeed in your suicidal alcohol mission?

Everyone on the west end should make 2006 the year of #Reload

Adil vs The Mouth will prove feud of the year around… T7.

I contribute.

Jason wake me up for the raid tonight pls, ill probly be sleeping

Nope, i came no where close to 52 shots. I had some thing in the area of 30, and like 4 beers. I started drinking at like 3 in the afternoon though.

Lord Magnus:

You saying you get pussy is like saying you spotted a UFO, no one believes you and you look retarded.

just went 22 - 0 with the sniper…

Bry your strat on him is the best. I get butterfly after butterfly though. Fuck skadi :P.

I’ll call you for the raid tonight if jason doesnt.

just for the record…sniper is overused.
every bloody game thats ap theres that one guy whos gotta pick him.
and the sad thing is…hes so easily counterable.

without a skadi sniper gets ganked for free by any tough character with a stun.
poeta: you peaced that bitch im assuming.

Meh skadi is really nice on sniper. I think a butterfly is better to get first though. Butterfly then skadi would be better than butterfly butterfly for sure. I only got butterfly butterfly because I had exactly 3400 as I was going to push mid with my team so I got another eaglehorn lol. It was anal rape. I attacked so fast. I had butterfly x2 and 2 ult orbs with treads, bas and small ring.

PS: even with a skadi, sniper gets smacked out by characters with a stun anyways. Hes still pussy even with a skadi and butterfly. Stuns and/or a gank from 2 or more people fuck him up badly. He cant deal with 2 people really.

Yeaaa i had some fun last night… Didn’t get everything I wanted but thats ok cuz I didn’t even really try to. I actually like this chick so I didn’t wanna do anything stupid to blow it… even though she did :wink: lol. I dunno… I got more than I expected after hanging out with her alone for the first time so its all good.

aaaaanyways… I’m at my fucking uncles house for new years dinner right now so im gonna go. Talk to you guys later tonight. I cant believe i missed another raid on wow too. I havent been in like a month. Might end up quitting wow. I can hardly play with the amount of time that I work :S. I asked for my old shift back though (10 - 5) so that I can do stuff at night. Boxing week kinda fucked me over as well as 2 people quitting. So my shifts were all extended a few hours. If they get back to ending at 5 that would help though…

Oh and I found out that I beat the shit out of my girlfriends x boyfriend back in the day. I wooped his ass in elementary school. He still remembers me because when I met her she recognized my name from his story. He told her about the time that “some guy named chris poeta beat the shit out of him at school” lol. He was making fun of my sister and me and this guy vinny beat the shit out of him. Hilarious…

lol I think i remember talking to you in the arcade that day. You were like “well I just got suspended, i beat the shit out of some guy who was bugging my sister”


so i might be going to the mall tomorrow, i got a $75 gift certificate for HMV and i might go to buy something rediculous.

LoL, poeta owning people stories are always good :tup:

O MAN party last nite was SICK! Brandon was the first to be passed out over the toilet, lol too good. There was SOOO mcuh alcohol there too, u didnt have to bring anything there was at least 10 26r and 40s of hard licquor just laying around, this guy had alcohol EVERYWHERE! so when we leave (were like the last few to leave) i grabbed a few bottles, and threw em in my jacket. lol too good. and there was still like 4 full bottles laying around.

Congrats on getting a G poeta, so who are u dating now?

lol this girl lauren. Met her at my work… shes works at the cash lol


So yea… Whats beef is my new fav song… its so fucking good holy shit

Link to his new CD:


Anything going down today? I want to lose my money in poker :frowning:

so i saw the FMA movie. not nearly as good as poeta hyped it up to be, but still kickass none the less.

So its time for me to go back. It was fun playing some games with everyone. Good with University, College and Work guys. If theres a Mtl tourney, make sure you assholes stop by ottawa for some Beer/Coolers and games. Happy New year and See you bitches in May, or June :wgrin:

Lessard: whats your msn

fuck wow. gerjay knows. wow can eat my fucking balls.

Let me know when you all come crawling back to dota so I can buy the thing to enhance my router signal :angel: