Mississauga October Thread

poof :nunchuck:

Oh damn you.

A bit slow on the draw. :slight_smile:

Damn I was going to try and beat you guys too it LOL

hmm psycho u started like every thread in the area. Why do people start threads that dont even talk in the thread? I dunnooooooooo… yooouu soo craaaazzyyyyyy




Yo CQ man were is your new job? By the way EEWWW to afternoon shifts. Those gotta be the worst of day, afternoon and night. Night at least its to total opposite and your still around for dinner and shit and u can sleep once u get home and wake up at like 2 and shit to still do shit in the day. Afternoons is like jeez… im gonna go out for the morning… the MORNING… then im gonna go to work during dinner and come home ultra late at night when its all over.

I guess its ok though cuz u can still chill really late… unless u end at like 2 which would suck (im assuming its 4 - 12). But yea the only good thing I can think of is that it doesnt fuck you your sleep really. Which is good… I use to deliver pizza thats sort of an afternoon shift. 4 - 12 lol. Worst thing for a social life really

EDIT: Crazy white pp loll…Would you be able to get me and Adil a ride??

Poeta:I guess u’r right but yieps does those combos and he in my opinion is the best magneto.
I wana play just like him, i guess i should start playing to learn more and not to win, my execution is not that bad anymore could us a little more practice thou, and i have to tri jump repeditivly more.

thanks for advice, when i get amazing like yieps im gona on all your ass’s.

Casual fun as always boys, thx fer commin. Little ticked i missed out on some burgers, but if im passed out i guess there is little u can do. Lol, mark barely has a hang over too, bastard…

If you got a car and want to come to a kegger msg me on msn i’m gonna need a ride home though :pleased: it’s in sauga

ninja edit: this is tonight, saturday oct 1

Edit2: this is only if you like older women (and beer), this is 2nd/3rd year party…these women are teh horny

if i get get a ride there and back, ill pay someone.

gettin drunbk at 11 am is no big deal

Yo, question. Someone drove my car last nite without telling me, im curious if anyone would know who did?

are you sure you dont mean…YOU. like when you went to pick up booze…
rofl, some1 drove ur car without u knowing, id laugh.

no, cuz when we went to pick up booze, i remember putting the car in the garage, the music was off, and when i took it today it was blaring on some track, and the parking job was shitty, cuz i had to turn some wack way to avoid hitting my mirror with the garage door.

shu where is this thing, me christu and s-man want to come hit this up.

WOW my first turny and i did’nt come last, but i played bry first round, im thinking about going to every turny they have now cuz i can learn how to play on jap sticks, there not that bad, and i learned alot watching bry play today.
Anyways me, cito, ryan and probably jerris will be at emtc tomorrow if anyone whants to drop by, im not sure bout what time cito and jerris will show but me and ryan will be there for 12.

I’m almost 100% sure that nobody drove your car considering we were like the last ones to leave and everyone was pretty much together the entire time…


the FMA movie was the best movie ever created. Everyone should watch it. If you dont your a (insert as many bad names here as u can think of). Honestly… like holy fuck… amazing!!! SOOOOO GOOOOD! The whole movie was just… wow. Someone has to watch it so I can talk to someone about it! Amazing ending… fucking awesome.

Only bad thing… I knew for a fact when the episodes ended that they would be able to continue the series… I think this movie is the end of it… i hope not cuz I absolutely love this show/movie but yea most likely it is.

FMA owns the FUCK out of naruto…

If you havent watched it you simply cant comprehend how insanely amazingly awesomely superior it is to any other anime in existance


omg… they CAN continue it!!! OMGOMGOMG! I HOPE THERE IS A SECOND MOVIE!!!

… they wont continue it… :(…


but probably not :(…

You were dope. Good shit.

Someone left their cell at my place, its a motorola. i looked under home. last 4 digits are 7751. if it rings a bell lemme no.