Mississauga Playgrounds Presents: Oct 10th a Thanksgiving SF4+Brawl Tourney


Date: Saturday, October 10th, 2009

1081 Meyerside Drive Dr.
Unit 13
Mississauga, ON

Prizes/Prize pool breakdown:

  1. 70% prize pool
  2. 20% prize pool
  3. 10% prize pool

There will be 10 Tv’s xbox set up with no Hard Drives or memory if you are playing a consol character please bring HD or save memory card with chars

BYOC: Bring Your Owned Controller

If you dont have a 360TE stick im pretty sure someone will let you use their TE for your toruney matches if you ask nicely


1:00pm - Registration begins
3:00pm - Street Fighter IV begins

Venue Fee: $5


Street Fighter IV (Xbox 360)
$5 entry
Double elimination tournament [99 sec timer]
2 out of 3 games per match
3 out of 5 games per semi final match
4 out of 7 games grand finals

noted if everyone makes a good showing at this event the sponsor of playgrounds will make another tourney with big sponsor prizes such as Trips, TV’s, PS3/360, games and ETC. So this is there first sf4 toruney @ playgrounds they are running so lets make a good first impression.

and smash bros Brawl tourney info link is below



Thanksgiving weekend never gave so much ever before…


Sounds like fun ; )

The person whos running this is a friend, so I would like to ask on his behalf for people to bring
a) sticks
b) xbox 360 hds

There are 10 xbox consoles, so loads of casual matches - but no characters unlocked for any of them


might go


Everyone should try and make it down for this. Everyone wants fat prizes for tourneys, and apparently these guys want to deliver on that. If people give them their full support, who knows what they’ll give out in the future.


i’m in :slight_smile:
SF4 doesn’t look too big right now…



I have never participated in a tourny before and have a few noob questions. Typically how many players usually shows up for one?? 10-20-50 players??? My xbox is modded and so is my sf4 would that be allowed at typical tourny? Am i allowed to change characters if i wanted to within the 2/3 round matches etc?


About 50 on average show to the tourney depending on how its advertised. Your box is modded…fine. But your sf4 as well? I’m confused. And yes, you are allowed to change characters within the 2/3 matches although you must know some tournaments do not allow the winner of a set to switch just for future reference.


You don’t need to bring your entire xbox, just the harddrive if you want to play a console character or Akuma - there will be 10 sf4 setups here without any characters unlocked

So many views, so little posts : (


definately interested :slight_smile:


Do you pay there to enter?


You can switch if you lose, can’t switch if you win.


$5 venue fee, $5 entry fee for the tournament


Count me in :))
You guys need all the support you can get for future tourneys.


Hey Danny,

I’m moving out of my place (Sauga) and back to my parents (Scarbrough) that weekend so I dont’ think I’ll be able to make it. Plus I’ll be celebrating my bday that weekend (Maddy!) … but reach downtown if you can!


wow… so close to my house. Too bad i’m busy Saturday tho… I’ll try to come.


I’m coming…


yea im in sexy viper and my crew is coming toronto we go hard :encore: were players wad up


yes guys please support this event tell everyone. This may seem like a low attendants beacase lack of postings. But these are the same people that are going to give Gerjay a all expense pay trip to a big sf4 event in the future because he won a event at fan expo from these guys. I heard from Anthony if his owner see good numbers in turn out of this event he’ll host another one in Nov with a big prize give out possible TV or another flight trip to a sf4 event in the U.S.

So everyone try your best to come and make it… there will be plenty of sweet casuals considering they got like 10 sf4 set ups . Remember to bring your sticks for lots of casuals play.


wasn’t Gerjay supposed to go to SBIV all expenses paid? I just noticed he’s now in one of our cars?