Mississauga September Thread

Stolen! :nunchuck:

Anyone interested in a heads up tournament? $5 entry fee, we must have either 8 or 16 so there’s no byes and top two get paid .

damn, i just made one, then noticed one was made lower then what i checked, son of a bitch. Well at least this thread wasent created 3 days before the 1st of the month…

The reason I did that, was so that THIS wouldn’t happen.

:rofl: I didn’t do it. :rofl:



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You guys actually thought that getting head from a girl while rubbing a guys lap is not gay, FAGS :tup: Ain’t that right Poeta?

The moral of the story is, HAIL NOODLEMAN!

ass cheese

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penis back ribs

ass gravy slurpies (what the fuck?)


fuckin right. Homos thinkin its not gay when its clearly gay. Glad you all came around to admit it. Cuz if you didnt… hooo maaaan!

Damn straight.

clit juice.

Damn brampton fags.

always faggin up our thread!
go fag up your own thread!

Now that’s post of the year…:rofl:

they cant fag their own thread. cuz they dunt haev enough ppl to make their own thread.

CQ man thanks for havin us over tonight… good times