Mississauga Thread 2010

2010…Welcome to the future everyone.

where the fuck are my hovercars

That’s not until 2015.

it’s a shame i couldn’t get the ship last year :frowning:

that’ll teach you to buy a house instead of posting on srk

man i should’ve prioritized better.

This shit best be spammy. Last few months were really disappointing.

shut up

How about you eat my ass? Book that.

why dont you make me.

You win this round Denny Crane.

Denny Crane. Still undefeated.

maybe i should start watching this legal show

yes, yes you should

iunno the chicks in boston legal are all 23+
maybe you should stick with gossip girl

Gossip Girl is uber

So, 3 strings walk into a bar. They sit down and ask for 3 pints.
The bartender says "Hey, we don’t serve string here!"
The strings walk out of the bar and tie themselves together. They come back in the bar and ask for 1 pint.
The bartender says "Hey! Aren’t you a string?"
The strings reply “No, I’m a frayed knot”


I doubt you guys have the heart to really spam this thread. If all year is anything like the last few months of the 09 thread. This one won’t get 7500 posts.

i’d say bet it, but i don’t want intentional spam cluttering the thread.

i’m sure we can hit 10,000 just by posting normally though.