Mist Step cancel

idk if anyone has noticed this but after your initial mist step if you use the short cut mist step you can do his purple hook instead of WGF if you end with forward + punch rather than down+forward+punch. it makes it come out of WD considerably faster.

is this easier way to do EWGF?

no. the easiest way to EWGF is to cancel a link into it because EX’s cancel and so does EWGF and the buffering system or something makes it ALWAYS ewgf if you do it during hitlag.

this is a way to rather than go from wavedash>stand>purple hook punch(dont know the name) to wavedash>purple hook punch with no frames of actual neutral stance in between

so its way easy to do EWGF if i go like “air HK - standing HP - EWGF” ???

yes. you can do it just like a normal into special cancel like in other SF games if that makes it easier to understand.

=P I’m a marvel player going into SFxT so i don’t really understand but I hope I can finally do the multiple EWGF combos now =P because I can’t do EWFG right now to save my life T_T

well, itll help your combos… but approaching with one you must do a perfect EWGF(because there is no buffer to make it always an EWGF), which takes alot of practice dont give up, it took me 4 years to be able to do it consistently in the tekken series.

I’m on a hitbox style controller, any suggestion

Practice pressing d+f+MP(or HP) at the same time? EWGF should be easier on a fightboard (Hitbox is a name brand, fyi) with a bit of practice since the hardest part is synchronizing down/forward + punch between a stick and a button press (Which have distinctly different travel times). Pressing two buttons simultaneously shouldn’t be too hard.

I won’t get to try it myself until I the parts for my board next week.

Just practice pressing:

  1. Forward
  2. Down
  3. down+forward+MP/HP

Do it 20 times slow, 20 times slightly faster, etc etc etc etc.

Just a question… Is it possible to cancel/shorten a wd with a back input like in Tekken?

ok so heres what is going on… my inputs on the screen look like this - F - D - DF - DF+MP … i’ve figured out that whenever it just shows F - D - DF+MP it comes out… how do I make it not do that 1st DF??

Press the button faster…

You can do cr. mp cr. mp cr mk. wavedash 2x cancel into EWGF. Hard but it’s possible.