Mist stepping in combos



I use a pad,should i use the joystick or the buttons?


you gotta use what you are comfortable with… i prefer the analog stick but others may like that dpad better


I found it more fluid to use the joystick but it is personal preference, use what is comfortable.


Personally, I love the feel of the dpad. If you’re like me and have played playstation since the dawn of it’s existence, you are probably extremely comfortable with the D pad as well. I know that the Xbox has a GARBAGE dpad type wobble button. I do not recommend that. It truly is up to personal preference. The dpad allows easy and precise motions for me. I am now currently playing with a Hori fight stick. It is a bit to get used to, but once you understand how the sticks operate it’s just a matter of practice like anything else. Tip: be sure to train with button display on so you can see your motions and what to correct when inputting commands. Good luck!