MisterEgoTrip has passed away

I can’t believe it guys, this is a serious thread, i’m in shock, our friend, ego, the leader of NHC has passed away, i can’t find any words now and i feel sad.

You can find out more about his death here: >
R.I.P ego, i’ll never forget your personality, your spirit, our great conversations and thank you for everything!

RIP Ego. You’ll be missed man.

this makes me so sad… geez.

R.I.P MisterEgoTrip , you will be missed bro.

R.I.P MisterEgoTrip!!

I’m going to copy and paste what I posted on Facebook here, because this is pretty much how I feel about this sudden and horrible news.

You all know that the Internet is known for having a lot of assholes. It just seems like being a jerk comes second nature to a lot of people just because they’re online. This fact makes it even more impressive just how kind and jovial MisterEgoTrip was. He was one of the very first online players I ever took any kind of a liking to, because even online he had a bright personality that was easy to gravitate toward.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that he, perhaps more than any other player, is responsible for me going from a straight up scrub to at least being decent. I’ll never forget that long practice session he had with me on PSN HDR where he taught me the fundamentals of good positioning and zoning. He also taught me how to properly play the DJ/Honda match up. I actually thought that matchup was in Honda’s favor at the time, because he was that damn good!

The Internet, and the world in general, needs more cool people like Ron. You will most definitely be missed, Sir.

R.I.P MisterEgoTrip

I just heard about this via party chat, from PhoenicianMinds and RenoMD. I knew MisterEgoTrip on Xbox live and he’s still on my friends list. Although I did not know him in person (but wish I did) it was obvious that he was one of the most charismatic, funny and cool guys I’ve ever come across, in addition to being a top Honda player. We talked for at least several hours total if you count all of the time spent in my party, and he even called me the “Howard Stern of HD Remix.” I still cannot believe this is true. The world has lost an amazing person. He will be greatly missed, and never forgotten. :frowning:

R.I.P. to misterEgoTrip, he was a mad good honda player.

Ron, aka MisterEgoTrip was an amazing person from his personality to his game play he was a stand up guy all around. Everything I know about the Chun\Honda match I owe to him. I remember he and I would play for hours trying to best each other and we had a some of the best matches and I learned so much for him. I have some great memories of Ron and he will not be forgotten. From now on every Victory over a Honda I owe and dedicated to you bro. My prayers go out to your family and close friends of which I’m sure you have many. I believe I speak for anyone lucky or unlucky enough (depending on which end of his butt slam you’re on) to have meet you in game or IRL when I say you will be seriously missed.

GGS MisterEgoTrip RIP - Voltech

I’m not an official NHC member or anything, but I do believe in playing hard when I have to. I played against Ego a couple times on HDR and he’s definitely one of the names I remember seeing around regularly. I didn’t know him as well as some of you, but apparently he was a real nice guy. Sad to hear he’s gone.


Unreal. MisterEgoTrip helped me learn the Chun Li vs. Honda matchup, and he was a pleasant person to talk to over X-Box Live. The HD Remix community has lost a wonderful player.

Man, this is fuckin crazy. I just saw him online a few weeks ago. Wish I’d have said something to him now. Had no idea he had health problems. He was really a cool person. I remember losing to him like 20+ times and he just kept on telling me how much I was improving with every match. I can honestly say he made we want to seriously step my game up in HD Remix. He was also a very funny dude. It was always great talking to him in the chatroom during matches. He’ll definitely be missed.

RIP Ego. It was great knowing you.

I’m lost for words. I never got to play him and I didn’t even get to know him but I’ve seen his posts on the forums and he seemed like an awesome guy. If only I could turn back time and play him.

Wherever you are now Ego, keep dominating those scrubs.

Wow truly lost for words. Truly a stand up guy. I as well as others was fortunate to have many sessions playing hdr with you. You truly will be missed bro. You’ve left us too early. R.I.P bro

Wow! I didn’t know that he had actually taught so many people how to play better! Even after his passing, my respect for this guy continues to grow!

I didn’t personally know the guy, nor did I play him, so I looked on youtube and saw he was one hell of a Honda player. I’ve seen the posts, and he’s a cool guy.

And by these posts here he’s helped a lot of people play better, and even if I didn’t know the guy I have a lot of respect for him.

R.I.P dear.

What I have to say is the same Fudd and LadyStreetFighter have. R.I.P.

I did not know this man.

I do not care for people I do not know.

But I can sympathize with those who lost someone who taught them much in the FGC. Rest in Peace, White Knight of the battle ground, and may your friends carry on your legacy in their games.

Even though I haven’t played HDR in like a year I wish I could have played him one more time he was one of the few who made 360 party chat cool when we were all on it.

RIP, he’s now doing a really really long butt slam in a better place minus the slam part.

Damn that sucks, RIP bro. I played EgoTrip 100s of times when I use to play this game. I might just have to fire HDR up and play some games in his honor.