MisterEgoTrip has passed away

Sounds like a plan. See my msg on XBL.

Man, havent posted here for a while, but misteregotrip deserves some more praises. awesome person and player with alot of energy. im quite sad

Rest in Peace bro.

How did Egotrip die?

(Doesn’t have a facebook)

Man people shouldn’t send you these messages when you’re about to fire up some HDR…

not used srk in over a year but had to pay my respects r.i.p ego


I remember playing this guy back in XBox Live CvS2 days; awesome Honda indeed. R.I.P. MisterEgoTrip.
‘We await your return…warrior.’

From the “comments” section of the videos: “4 rounds to none against TheloTheGreat? Unheard of! But not for MisterEgoTrip. One of the top Honda players and an even better person, MisterEgoTrip will always be remembered by those who had the pleasure of knowing him, and by everyone else in the gaming community as well. The hearty laughs we shared in my parties and the groans of those he defeated will echo through the halls of Street Fighter champions forever! As stated in my profile, “RIP MisterEgoTrip - you’re the man!” I will never remove him from my friends list.”