Mitsu and Taka?

Maybe NKI can answer this, are the 2 from across the seas coming back? I owe mitsu a beatin’ for last years evo… <3


I talked with both of them, they said they will only go if they can get pics of ya’ll at the airport with the mounted mas sticks on crates…

stop making threads


Doesn’t look like they’re coming this year. :sad:

Question about the Japanese players in general- will they be bringing swag?

ST/3S/A3/GG DVDs, and other stuff that’s a lot easier to geet in Japan than over here? I’m sure they could find a hell of a lot of buyers. Even with arcade perfect A3 for PS2 out now, I would easily pay 5,000 yen for a copy of Saturn SFA3 in good condition (which they could probably find at a pawn shop for like fifty cents).

I’ll have a field day with you on these crates, member east coast owns you for free…ask eric and madboo :slight_smile:

Also, if you spoke to them, you’re probably askin’ Taka how to play MSP… or if you’re talkin’ to Mitsu, gettin’ info on Cable/Storm/IM either for you or other players… lata

A. The money match thread seems to draw heads, bet it, and this one was askin’ a question from 2 great mvc2 players, so if you don’t have any response, then don’t answer, thanks

B. Still wanting revenge from a random mvc2 from florida? :looney:

NKI - Thanks for the info… this was an Evo related question.

who are u?

Vercette… <3… um, you wanna play a money match? :smiley:

1st to 10 for 5 dollars


florida bet.

^-- I think it was Ian and Trinh who played best of 100 for $1 in CvS2 on the ride down to the last NCR we went to. (I believe it was Ian 51, Trinh 48 or something like that.)

Florida’s too rich. Seattle holds down the betting scene.

first to 3, 15 :-P~

potter is good, anyone can lose 2 out of 3. even i beat wigfall 2 out of 3 in a big tourney.


That’s why I made it 3/5… potter should have NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO problem beating me, right potts? Just a random FL player here who’s never placed in tourneys nor goes to biggies… :slight_smile:

Get that cake like, it’s it’s my birthday.

… I already have… stop double posting for my money!!! :rofl: