"mix it up "


" mix it up "

i was told i did not do this enough by a certain player at absolute battle 8

also i guess what im asking outside blocking a overhead and then going low what else can i do to “mix it up”.

is a tick throw a mix up ? also what is a good mix up


Dude. Why don’t you search Google for the answer to that question for your character. Mixups are the combination of low/high attacks and throws. There’s a variety of ways to do good mixups. Search for whatever it is for your character. I see what @ArtVandelay was talking about with you now when commenting on another posters thread. LOL.


first you gotta hit them with a dope ass reset, in an extended block string, and only then do you know how to mix it up like a true pro


But should he press cr.MP afterwards?


When someone says “mix it up”, it doesn’t mean "“mixup”. They are different.
The person meant you are predictable with your options.

So, you’ve got to mix up your mixups!


can’t wait for the “which button on the controller is my cr.mp” thread


A tick throw is half the mix up. It’s good to start with tick throws and have frame traps ready in place of the second hit. You want to get your opponent used to something then you switch it up.

Example: I main Bison so if I’m close enough I jab then grab (tick throw) simple right?
Now my opponent has to preemptively hit grab to break it. Now next time I’m in their face I jab then I do cr.mp. That leaves enough frames for their throw to start up. That’s just a basic one. Some characters have really nasty mix ups. Overheads and lows are mix ups but most people can react to an overhead. You wanna mix up overheads on meaty wake ups to make them safe. Also opens up combo possibility. Also having certain attack patterns can be predictable. Mix up when you wanna dash in or jump or wiff a move. Idk who your main is but YouTube mix ups, resets and set play for your character.


It simply means not repeating the same stuff so frequently.

Over heads.
Moving in and out at different intervals.

The more variety you can implement in your game play the better you are mixing it up.