Mix-up junkyard

I figured Id make this thread for people to use as a place to throw out small ideas for mixups. The idea of mixups hasn’t really been addressed in the necro forum, but they can obviously lead to serious damage and pressure play, especially in the corner.

The only one i can think of that springs to mind is one against shotos at least, i havnt tested it against everyone:

In the corner, lp tornado hook -> then b.mp x Ex flying viper. The great thing about the b.mp cancel is that you have a lot of time to cancel into a special. So cancelling into Ex flying viper immediately leads to a whiff, after which you can throw. But if you leave it a few frames later, one of the “chops” will actually hit. Leave even later than that leads to both hits. Ex flying vipers such a fast move that it really throws people off.

Another one i was thinking of probably works against most characters, but the reset needs to be different depending on the character.

Taking Alex as an example, you can do lp tornado hook -> 3x db.Fierce -> b.mk -> from here you have 2 options, one is to do UOH. The distance ure at is perfect for a UOH hit comfirm SA I or III. The other thing you can do is walk back just a TINY bit, the do the UOH, this time it’ll whiff, after which u’re in range for doing c.lk xx SAI or III.

Any thoughts appreciated!

yes flying viper mix up is really good…

-ex flying viper mix ups:
all: b.fierce<b.strong(reset)x ex flying viper
all: (corner) b.fierce> bd.fierce>b.strong(reset)x ex flying viper
q,remy, makoto :(corner) jab tornado hook>bd.fierce>b.strongx ex flying viper
makoto, remy :corner grab>bd.fierce>b.strongx ex flying viper
elena:corner grab>c.jab x ex flying viper
elena:corner jab tornado hook>s.jab x ex flying viper

I didnt know EX qcb kick had good block advantage :wgrin:

Theres the obvious one which is in the anniversary edition necro tutorial, after midscreen SAIII dash the jump / walk forward jump RH drill for crossup mixup.

And against Q, after a corner grab you can do jab electricity db fierce jab x viper.

Does anyone know if theres a way to crossup vs dudley after a midscreen SAIII combo? his hitbox just seems way to big to get over.

Oh, and another thing, in the anniversary ed tutorial it tells you to walk forward before jumping and doing the drill kick. I find it harder to tell the difference between which side necro will end up on if instead you do a superjump x rh drill. If you do the drill kick pretty much as soon as you can, theres no cross up. Doing it a tiny bit later will lead to a crossup. The motion on the screen is much smaller cos the super jump is so fast.

i pick sa1 vs dudley but i think you can’t , because dudley weak up so fast …
maybe you can do a meaty round house drill (this are a hit cross up) or maybe you can do a j.short cross up (this is so hard) . please guy test this for me (my stick are broke…)

round house drill whiff cross up is very especific… i think you can do this vs urien , makoto , chunli , necro , shotos, hugo. (because the other guys weak ups very fast)
and the distance is very important you need walk more or less some times (depends of the comboing) test this

Just to add onto the mixup thread, since I’m here. Ex flying viper isnt only for corner tho, you can use it midscreen on most chars, esp if they’re crouch blocking. What I do sometimes is pressure midscreen with drill kicks and pokes then either s. lp -> ex flying viper, c. lk -> ex viper or b. mp(close) -> ex flying viper. But the only deal is you gotta KNOW how much those moves push back so u stay in range. Its a pain in the ass for the person playing cuz its like a tick throw almost where they get forced into block stun, then have to react immediately to the attack, esp if they’re crouching(cuz they gotta block standing now). After that I throw out a s. mp(if it hits cancel into el snake :D), s. mk or c. mk immediately after landing to keep that pressure on and force more mind games. Hope that’s useful.

After the ex viper, poke then cancel into snake fang. Works surprisingly well.