Mix-ups and Blockstrings?



I dont know any of Abel’s mixups and tend to just make them up as the match goes along.So just post some of Abel’s mix ups or block strings and leave you in range for step kick,TT or something of that nature.


abel FAQ thread.


the resets thread is gone


Corner Resets:
Down Fierce, delayed fierce xx Lk, or Mk roll…
Down Fierce Immidiate Fierce xx Hk Roll… Deceptive non cross up

With the old reset thread gone… we ought to make a new thread… resets/okizeme.


Elbow xx** lk roll**, cr jab immediate dash or delayed dash = cross up/not cross up

Elbow xx lk roll, St. fierce or Cr Mk xx lk roll,/mk roll cross up/ not cross up = Doesn’t work on EVERYBODY…

Elbow xx lk Roll Sweep xx RH roll… Cross up Mk = 5 frame safe jump or Jump over RH fake cross up.

Elbow xx Rh Roll!!! St.Mp xx lk roll/mk roll


the pdf file in the first post of the faq thread should be enough for starters…


Combo into 1st hit of COD then Tornado Throw

Elbow xx Rh Roll… Cr jab dash… timing is strict for cross up but it’s very difficult from the receiving end to read.
Instead of cr jab use cr lk… It’s doesn’t seem to ever cross up, but the opponent doesn’t know!!!

Elbow xx Lk Roll… St. RH reset Sweep xx Axe kick… *They gotta block low then block high… work’s fairly often… Plus axe kick from that range is safe but just enough so that the opponent feels safe pushing buttons… Doing ex cod here can land you an extra 130+ or so…

Cr. Mp on hit is +4, +1 on block… It’s my favorite move to use right before TT… works alot! use mp tt throw! push back is too much for HP

Against characters where HP hits while crouching… every now and then it’s sneaks to do hp xx lk roll cross up…
I’m thinking: Step kick fierce xx cod FADC step kick Fierce xx lk roll Fierce xx cod… Shit is confusing! Makes you feel gdlk.

Abel’s second COD low can be fadc’d for more combo… that’s alright I guess, use this one sometimes.


Oh ya! I’ve only gotton this one to work on Cody and Dudley so far…

After Sweep xx Rh Roll… Abel has a side to side mixup between lk/mk roll…

If they have no meter just sweep xx roll, 50/50 roll, another sweep xx roll, 50/50 roll, sweep roll… etc. etc.


oh ya… also off his anti air’s…

Anti air Cr mk… Cl Fierce can be cancelled into rolls that side switch…

Elbow can too but right now the damage from fallingsky is too good to pass up, maybe some worthwhile mixups can be brought from this.


these are very informative so far i was only able to land about 3 in a real match so far but im working on the rest.