Mix-ups? Dark Phoenix is my vice

When I play Phoenix, I can play Jean perfectly fine, I get in, I get out, I build meter, and Get hit confirms,

but when I go dark phoenix, I’m confused as to what to do?

You can’t go crazy, It’s almost harder for me to use her vs. Regular Jean, even in XF lvl 3.

And by far my biggest problem with her opening people up.
I’ve realized so far the best I can do is to create M and H traps and chuck TK Shots untill they come in or get comfortable to a teleport.


you forgot to constantly use teleport M and to crouch.

I usually set traps and Teleport H and d + H. Works ok just don’t do it a bunch or they will time it.

Dark phoenix has multiple ways to mix people up whether in the air or on the ground. On the ground you can do standing H and teleport behind them and mix them up. If you space it right the feathers will hit behind them right when you teleport. The same applies if you do her down Medium (slide attack) to approach. You can use that and then teleport for the feathers to cross up as well. Those are great ways to approach. Also Crouching Light jab pressure and standing Jab to anti-air. Also, if the block your jab attacks you can do a box jumping H attack for a rediculous cross up. Works the same way as regular phoenixs box dash jumping H but it’s even better because of all the feathers it creates. Then there’s the standard fireball crossups that she has for pressure air pressure.

There’s also an advantage in using TK Overdrive M, provided your opponent doesn’t use an Advancing Guard. Generally, after the move is finished, your opponent will move to punish it. You can do an aerial heavy attack just after TK Overdrive and you’ll likely fall onto them and hit confirm into a combo. Worst-case scenario is you trade with an anti-air. Alternatively, if you see them going for the anti-air during your recovery, you can probably guard against it and punish it.

Best solution is to not use Phoenix last. Dark Phoenix backed with a lockdown assist (Ammy, Doom, Dante, etc.) makes her life a whole lot easier. Also, if something goes wrong and she dies, you have another character waiting to clean up her mess. Coldstar is my assist of choice with DP. Locks them down and Phoenix has a great standing overhead. I’d rather use DP with lvl 2 XF and coldstar than a lvl 3 XF DP any day.

with ammy and phoenix together you can also set up “unblockables” if you have 2 bars and you team super or team super and use xfactor w/ phoenix on point. Yeah i know it’s not a true unblockable but no one has ever blocked this mixup and if they guard on the ground then you just teleport back and forth and if they are in the air blocking then you just constantly wave dash underneath them or keep teleporting behind them. Such a hard to get out of setup :slight_smile: And you can follow up the hard knockdown w/ an otg fireball followed by tk overdrive H and if you a meter then u can super them :slight_smile:

I thought that Phoenix is grabbable after that move while recovering? Correct me if I’m wrong. Not many people do it but the higher level players in my scene over here in florida would always punish me in vanilla marvel when I used that move so I stopped using it and only used L overdrive during a blockstring.

I haven’t had an issue with that in Ultimate so far, so it’s possible that they might have changed her recovery frames. Even so, we should probably test that just to be sure.

yeah true. Idk if you can do it because i’m not near my console right now and won’t be until later at night but I was wondering if you could set the cpu to do it one in the corner and the other midscreen and see if you could jump up and air grab her.

Not sure if you could set up a situation where you can see if the phoenix CPU can tech

The Team I was messing with was the PZPoy/Flocker team (Zero a/ Doom b/ Phoenix b) and I can usually get 4 bars before Zero even dies after a really easy, and really dumb, reset. If zero dies too quickly because I made a mistake, Doom goes on the “Lame game” train just to make a Zoning attempt, and when they get impatient and try to get in, I go full offense. Doom’s corner loop with or without a reset can really build stupid meter.

My usual games go: Zero OCV’s, Zero dies and Doom gets Lamed but DP is too much for them to handle, I build enough meter, and manage to out play them with good ol’ Jean on point.

My problem wasn’t so much DP in general, but when you pop X-Factor into lvl 3 with DP, Things get crazy. There is so much you can do and she’s so fast/strong that your opponents mistake gets them killed immediately. but the main problem is, DP players often abuse Teleport M and H, and get punished hard for it.

So far I’ve learned spacing is really a key factor. The Feathers help as much as they hurt, They cause certain combos to drop, and outside of lvl 3 she isn’t fast enough for their HSD to keep up with her combos.

For the 750-950k people, Cr. L x2, cr.M, cr.H, S, j.M, j.M, j.H, j.F+HxxPhoenix Rage easily kills.
for the 975-1.250k, All it really takes is to increase the cr.L from 2 times to 5.

As far as mix-ups go, People expect Phoenix players to go nuts and teleport constantly, so catching off guard by just throwing down traps and shooting TK Shot M to keep them out confuses them. Once you’ve trained them into blocking the said barrage of shots, Teleporting gets them almost every time. When in Lvl 3 DP, that’s where I just have the most mix-up problems.

Well give them what they expect, go nuts and use random teleports, just add Phoenix Rage right after to punish them. Either Serris or Phillpro said Phoenix Rage it’s possible right as Phoenix is recovering from a teleport.

I said it originally, and she can do it during the active frames, not just recovery.