Mix Your Favorite Fighter With Your Favorite Movies

Photoshop thread with images of your favorite fighters mixed with your favorite movies somehow. Put your favorite fighting game character in the scene of one of your favorite movies, or vice versa.

I made a piece of crap example image so here it is:

So now that we got the crappy example out of the way, let’s see some good ones :wgrin:
I’ll probably make a good one when I have the time

I’m hoping this thread works. Psychosquall could easily beast the shit out of this.

Hilarious one by the way :rofl:

:rofl: That’s some good stuff right there :tup:

Well, the first is not a favorite movie, but I did it anyway.


Street Fighter III: Perv Strike

Win. Close thread :rofl:

Urien going head over heels to get that perfect view. What commitment! :tup:

[Oro hanging from that hood is funny. But what’s Remy doing? Surely he can’t be…doing what I think he’s doing…y’know…cuz he’s Remy. LoL]