Mixing Up With Juri?

Oftentimes, I find myself trying to play a rush-down offensive Juri. Most of the times it works out, but when I get knocked down, it’s really hard to get back in the opponents face again. What do you guys do to get in again? I try using the dive kick to get close, but I get punished for doing that a lot.

Strangely, the best way to get in with Juri is to zone and counter zone believe it or not. Using fuhajins to control the air and protect your movements. Simple stuff like: L/M fuhajin followed by a Dive Kick can get you in pretty easily. Or a L kasatushi (teleport/counter move) on projectiles.

The thing with dive kicks is that you have to aim for the legs and feet of your opponent. The lower you hit, the quicker you recover and the more pushback you get, making it impossible to punish on block. I suggest going to training mode and start practicing that. Aiming for the legs. Never above. Never more than 1 strike unless you know for sure it’s going to hit. Sometimes you have to make them instant, sometimes you have to delay it, sometimes you need to use M or L versions instead of H. It all depends on spacing. So get used to the range of all 3 versions.

Also, Juri has great anti-airs. Use them a lot ( cr.mp especially). Always follow with a fuhajin store or dash to cross-under. Anti-airing can also help reverse the pressure.

A good defense is a good offense. That has never been more true than with Juri.

Thanks man guess I gotta practice zoning some more.

I get impatient a lot cuz I used to play Guy with his amazing corner mix ups and switching to Juri is a little jarring. Defense is not my strongest asset :stuck_out_tongue:

To clarify, Juri’s battle plan should be like this: 1. Zone until opponent is frustrated makes mistakes, or leaves an opening
2. Get in
3. Mix up
4. Repeat (or zone again if mix up fails)
5. Profit???

One more question: Are footsies viable with Juri? I know that she has a great cr. mk, st. mk, st. lk, etc. but I don’t see myself using them that often. Should I be? Thanks again for answering my questions 600 PP Juri newb here looking to get better… :slight_smile:

some chars are hard to keep out, and you’ll probably benefit from playing footsies with them. far standing hk is a great tool for making people respect their distance to you. another good normal to not forget about is close standing hp, it’s quick and airborne (iirc) and leads into some great followups (ex pinwheel, super, or lk pinwheel or fireball store if you’re lacking/preserving meter)

learning how to zone is pretty tricky as each character is different. learning which fireballs to use and when, as well as how to store and release at different cadences to throw people off is a very important and powerful tool to have, though.

i’m certainly no expert, but that’s what i have to say. :slight_smile:

Thanks both of you guys. I feel like my Juri’s improved a lot already. When I lose, or when I win I don’t feel so salty anymore and I feel like I’m playing her ‘correctly’ now.

personally, playing to get better is more rewarding than playing to win. but it’s not the same for everyone :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: also, if you’re playing to win, juri may not be the best character to have chosen :slight_smile:

Ha nah, I’m not playing to ‘win’. I chose Juri because of her nationality (same as mine), her birthday (close to the same as mine), and she’s female. Hahahaha may seem superficial, but I like her playstyle nonetheless.