MIxup and reset combos

yo whats up guys? im new to the game and been doing alot of reading on gouken, i know all his basic moves
now im wanting to know the reset and mixup game…anything would help i appreciate it thanks :slight_smile:

His mixup game derives off gouken flip > focus absorb/ dive kick/ slide/ throw. That mixup really ain’t scary as you can just DP through each one, except focus if you got a one-hit uppercut.

Well not really…

this is an example of a reset mixup: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AbOgGE_zoo from a good friend.

And some others : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCt1SxEainU although the video editing is a bit corny…

Mind that resets are super risky, and you can get dped easily if your opponent is expecting it. BUT it’s also a great way to up that stun and open up your opponent for a full DENJIN charge. One reset can often mean you win.

Resets often come off of corner juggle fireballs or one hit dj. mp. You can also reset after ex palm pretty easily. Many Gouken’s try to reset into a flip, which becomes a reset mix up because flip has 4 options and can be frontside or cross up. As was stated previously, Gouken resets can be stopped by reversals if you misplace/mistime them. The videos Blueberry posted are good to watch for ideas and possibilities.

Mixups often start with flips. Flip to grab, then flip to parry, then flip to divekick >cl.st.mp > mix up between hit confirm combo or safe-ish normals block string or throw or kongo or just block/bait and punish. You can also cancel a normal into another flip to maintain pressure…big reward if the opponent guesses wrong but if you get predictable with it this will start to earn you losses. Cl.st.mp made a world of difference in Gouken’s mix up game because it gave him something he desperately needed…block stun and a hit confirm.

You’d be surprised how often cl.mp -> kongo works for blowing up cr.tech. I almost always go for it if i have super or 2 bars and ultra

im saying advanced resets are like the ones above…and
Basic resets…come off of backthrow and either crlk lp crmp crlp.crhp
His real meat and potatoes are off hard kd sweep…the mixup …

Ill leave it there for now.

Thanks for all the input, blueberry thanks for the vidz they will help alot! any of yall play on xbox?

I…I think I just saw you

Heres a shit of reset mixup hypness…peep that 2nd rd…mixup…lol…resets…lol…gouken.

Thanks guys well if any of y’all have Xbox live send me a friend request gamer tag is the same as my username !!