Mixup Help



Lately I’ve been sometimes using a crossup that leads to stun but right now I’m having a hard time landing it against some of the cast…

It goes roughly… cr.hp, Ex-headbutt, walk fwd, s.jab, dash under them, they land, cr.hp, Ex-headbutt, s.hp…

This is the version I normally do b/c it will stun most instantly and from there I can do a combo into an unblockable setup… and take the round on just this one crossup.

Against most of the cast I get the crossup to happen whenever I like… but against Makoto, Dudley, and a couple others I do it but after the dash i uncrossup (meaning it looked like the dash went under them but then they drift back over my head and I’m on the original side again.)

All this makes it nice in a match with someone who has seen the setup b/c hell even i can’t be sure which side I’ll wind up on… but when I want a certain crossup… I can’t always get it. What can I do to extend my dash or get further under em. I found throwing out a crouching lk just after dashing can help keep their sprite from jockeying back around you… but only so much…


you could try walking forward a bit before the dash too. can’t think of anything else.

i’ll be frank here. this isn’t a safe setup. guaranteed damage and getting the opponent cornered > a reset that banks on an unsafe launcher hitting. just about every character has something they can hit you with if they block the c.hp. especially if you’re new to the game, this isn’t something i can encourage you to keep using. at some point you’ll have to throw it away. urien isn’t the kind of character who benefits significantly from resets unless aegis is involved. don’t give up damage and positional advantage for a jab.


I’ve played this game for awhile and I get that throw mash or jab mash… or even well timed hits can beat out the cr.hp. It can also be parried. That being said I’ve had it work countless times against players of all skill levels. I only use it against characters that are instantly stunned by it. That makes risk pretty much = reward.
Consider also that is just the baseline model… you can do anything after the crossup/fake crossup… like throw… or st.mp -> ex-headbutt -> wtver… or cr.short -> tackle -> wtver… or Or just go strait into an unblockable setup by canceling the jab into hp reflector and knee diving to their other side quickly. Trust me… it’s not as simple as seeing the jab to dash and just hitting something or blocking. They have to guess.

I’ve tried walking fwd a bit before the jab… in fact on some of the cast it only crosses up if you hold fwd clear until you jab and then immediately dash.


this is garbage. the sooner you play vs better people, the sooner you will realize this setup belongs in the toilet.

dont get offended, im just trying to help you. :tup:


Not offended. It’s not my setup… I saw RX do it both off an ex-headbutt and off a reflector bounce. I’m sure if my bnbs were as on point as RX’s no one would question when I occasionally pull out an unsafe mixup like that… but humor me…

It’s not bnb (that’s why it’s a mixup) but there are times when it is highly worth it to go for. If your opp is sitting on 90% life and you at 10%… your risking a highly likely loss in favor of possibly getting an instant win. Or if you have only 1/2 a meter… your risking an extra 14ish damage in favor of instantly winning. .

But really I was just wondering if anyone knew a good way to extend the range of the jab to dash under so that it works easily on everyone.