>:[ Mixup sez share (new marvel thread)

This is the bold new taste of random shit.

If anyone has tips on dope new cross-ups/defensive strategies/offensive patterns/ghetto tricks then post away.

I play team combofiend alot now and i am rom whore so this is a nice combo w mag/im

Launch sj fk ad df lk,lk then infinite whore 2 40 hits, the easiest way to get a guarantee proton cannon(and the reason for me posting this combo) is just to jump up lk,fpXXTEMPESTXXPC. No s.fkXXhypergrab ect.

:Strange looking cross-up:

w magneto on wake up from fs combo

regular jump over opponent until their sprite turns around to face you/about right after the peak of normal jump, then airdash db to original side with either

a: fk into combo

b: attack+assist set-up

*storm can use this as well pretty effectively if you use her fs combos
*it also has it’s application mid-game

:storm sent combo:
launch+drones, sj fp,airdash fp,fk, drones hit, then do 1 triangle jump with lk, opponent lands you and you can follow up w/

assist bait

low attack

triangle jump


and all variations of


now onto a question i remembered 50morecentz postin

is it worth it to whiff fp’s while you’re rushing down to set-up c.lk’s?

I’m messing around with that right now, i

flyingscreen set-up, call tron

whiff fp tri-jump(pushblock won’t move magneto) then do one of these back to back.

single high/low



c.lk, mad delay c.lk,c.lk

whiff fp tri-jump so you land on other side c.lk into more rushdown

c.lk, delay, dash in c.lk,s.mp

It’s good to keep alternating between high/lows high/high and low delay attacks when you have somone pinned down. I like to use light attacks unless i’m crossing up in that situation.

Defensively, marvel is about being able to block all variations of mad random shit. I don’t think it’s possible to learn defense unless you actually play people who are good at rushing.
My buddy uses a good method where he watches the opponents height and uses that to judge the upcoming high/low or high/high. I’ll ask him to write something up on defense probably.

i’ll post mo latah

alright; i know you know 'bout these resets mixup, but im wondering if i should use them. I am almost thinking about using these kind of resets than any other (resetting with a throw or after the dashdown combo). resets after you otg the opponent and force a roll. like if psy hits for instance, u otg with lk, and force that roll, and from there you know the options.

examples: c.lk (otg), dash manually once, wavedash once, TA-DAH your on the other side)

c.lk, do the dashin, tri jump

that is in essence four possible directions to hit, and its kind of hard to pick up on wut side they are going to end up on, much less if your going to go to that side and tri jump, or cross up tri jump, etc…

gimmie ur thoughts

I would not reccomend doing those resets UNLESS you got some damage before u did them

I can think of one way that might work

tri-jump, dash in launch, sj fk ad df lk,lk, jump up fp+psy, then c.lk

into whatever reset you were going after.

The wake-up game is really nice after that, but you need damage instead of hopeful damage.

Couple of quick Magnus questions…

  1. Does Magneto have any midscreen throw-into-assist combos with his usual assists? Sometimes the opponent’s defense is topnotch, which means it’s pretty hard to get a hit in, so I have to rely on throwing him, and they usually don’t see it coming. Any ways to extend the damage from throwing the guy that DOES NOT involve an option where they can roll out (i.e. stand-alone FK Throw into c.lk OTG)?

  2. Is it possible to kill Magneto’s reset game off of some random ROM setup just by jumping and blocking at the right moment? Or is there some frames where the opponent is vulnerable when trying to jump and Mags can nab him with the usual c.lk, c.lk, Psy?

  3. What are good resets to use for each situation in both the ROM setup and the Flying Screen setup? As in, resets that hit from the front high, front low, back high, back low, confusion resets, etc…

oh; fo sho, always need damage first, if damage is not dealt before the reset…who da hell cares if u reset, u defeated the purpose:lol: :lol: :lol: thanx though, needed ur confirmation

I’m going to try and add something to this thread since I never post.

Im gonna add some combos that I find usefull that not so many people know about.

Mag/Cyc unmashable midscreen:

Anything into launch Sj. Rh airdash d/f lk mk as soon as you land call Cyclops first, then jump forward rh airdash U/F and tempest almost at top of the screen (Mag should do tempest looking to other side) if you cancel into Hailstorm its 100% (143 points in training mode) guaranteed on everyone except maybe sentinel which I haven’t checked yet.

Use this when you hit with Mag/Cyc and need that extra 30% damage of the tempest to kill someone isntead of doing an infinite or some reset.

Mag/Ironman-B(Repulsor) humiliation and 100% combo at the same time :slight_smile:

Launch sj . rh air dash lk mk land st. jab + Ironman-B st. fierce
After this they should go far away and the tip of ironmans laser should hit…then…TAUNT after taunt is over do Magnetic Tempest on the ground. After c. lk c. rh switch into Ironman then infinite.

It’s stupid I know :slight_smile:

Mag/Sent-a corner unmashable then unrollable OTG (Credit to White Knight)

After basic combo in corner jump Lk wait fierce + sent-a roundhouse airdash d/f quickly then tempest after its over you should fall first then c. lk into whatever.

To Answer the Throw into assist question:

Mag Roundhouse throw into storm-a works vs. all the good characters except ironman which i still haven’t found a way need to experiment more. It is different where he throws them vs. some characters though so here is the chart.

Call Storm then Rh Throw quickly

Vs. Mag and Storm

The typhoon will hit pretty close so u can dash quickly as soon as Magneto releases and launch as soon as you dash.

Vs. Sentinel

He will land in the typhhon somewhere midscreen here you can just dash and launch

Vs. Cable

He will throw pretty far almost like with no assists involved but he will land on storm full screen so dash fullscreen then do whatever.

Stupid Storm/Psy combo I do in corner:

Anything to Launch Sj. Rh airdash d/f then Jab at last second after you hit the ground st. fierce + Psy into Hailstorm

Should do like 90 points not that much but looks fun.

Storm Crossup lightning attack combo in corner:

Launch into sj rh airdash d/f rh. St. short the opponent when he hits the ground and as the animation of him rolling back recovering do Lightning attack super straight forward. Should hit other side.

Tricky Mag/Storm-A reset I do after Launch Fierce dash fierce rh sweep combo setup.

I like to use this a lot well at least the first part.

After the knockdown call storm and trijump neutral lk mk those should hit on the other side. If it hits then typhoon will hit next and do your best combo or something.

If they happen to block this here is the tricky part Sj straight up then as the last hit of the typhoon gets blocked dash straight down and whiff something like a fierce you should land on the other side since the typhoon pushes the guy under you. Try and make it look as quick as posible.

Hurting assists hard with Storm/Sent-G most of you should know this anywayz since its pretty old

On Assist when he gets called

Launch + sent-g Hailstorm
Should do more than 50%

That is all I hope some of this is usefull for anyone.


I’m starting to mess around with Mag/Cyke more, pretty dope. Mad blockstun. Like sentinel, Magneto can get his unblockable off from Cyke’s assist.

Anway, what’s your take on crossup fp/rh tri jumps? I love em, but everyone tells me that it’s too slow.

Oh, and double tri jump, delay, then throw works well.

Dirty Sent/Mag-A when someone misses something and you get the chance to land it. (Credit to White Knight)

Note: You don’t need unfly to do this

While in fly mode Fly Rh unfly call Mag-A and Lp RP really quickly before you hit the ground st. fierce Rocketpunch Super.

Stupid Damage


fun little storm mid-air crossup

whatever into launch, then hold up forward and link 3 jabs, then med punch then lightning strike backwards and super

Blackheart basic strategy: Jumpback fierce til they superjump, then call drones/typhoon and ground dash.

Magneto can counter this by dashing under your 2nd fierce and low roundhouseing, that’s when you either call your Anti-Air assist or airdash back from the jump fierce. Airdashing is a lot riskier, but if they commit to low roundhousing, they’ll get hit by pigs and you can combo corridor after (inferno isn’t likely though). If you call an AAA, you will have to cover it with a superjump roundhouse, but that’s not so bad since Magneto can’t really cross you up without jumping over the assist first.

Storm will try to stop you by typhoon xx hail, that’s when you jump forward instead and hit her with shorts. In fact, jumping forward with shorts when any character invades your space is surprisingly good, especially if they don’t have AAA.

Cyclops basic strategy: Dashback fierce til they superjump, then call drones/typhoon and uppercut.

Unlike Blackheart, anyone can counter this with drones. Cyclops doesn’t have an airdash, so he can’t deal with this quite as simply as Blackheart (who just superjumps and airdashes). If you have the meter to spare and are holding a lead, you can TK SOB to get some damage onto Sentinel and keep the momentum going. Alternately, if you have drones of your own, you can call your drones first and proceed with business as usual; however, this can degenerate into a race of “who hits assist button first” and you don’t really want to be there unless you have a plan to take advantage.

Storm can also advance slowly until she has a chance to bean you with low roundhouse. Low roundhouse trades with low fierce and beats stand fierce clean, and if you’re unlucky she can follow up with a combo if the bullet doesn’t stop her. (SJ, airdash UF, short short LA xx LS).

You can use Cyclops’ stand roundhouse much like Cable’s, and if it connects, cancel quickly into jab optic xx SOB. If it’s blocked or evaded, quickly call assist and uppercut.

Megaman basic strategy: Jump back with fierce til they superjump, then s.roundhouse/airthrow into relaunch or triple option/call AAA

Megaman is a bit more complicated because he doesn’t have a universal answer to most top tier; however, his ability to mix up responses that DO work make him more dangerous in this regard. You’ll probably want to call AA (Commando is the best) the first time, just to let them know you will.

Then, start going for airthrows. This takes practice to get and is often easier to do from a normal jump; however, that gives them time to realize you’re not calling your AAA and attack you, so it’s better to do them off of superjumps. Megaman can always follow up his airthrows, with either a standing jab into triple option from midlevel or above, or a juggled jump short into relaunch at a lower level. If you have Tron assist, regular jump airthrow backward into satellite takes off about 70 points if you do it right. OUCH.

Since Megaman is so small, he can also occasionally walk under the superjumping opponent and launch. This works nicely on Mags/Cable jump roundhouse, okay on Storm jump fierce (she can float to mess you up), and almost never on Mags jump fierce (it’s possible, but he would have had to hit it way too early). So go ahead and go for it on Storm and Cable, but exercise caution on Mags.

A lot of Megaman players will do jump fierce, low fierce pattern on starting out. DON’T DO THIS. This pattern sucks because if your opponent evades your jump fierce, there is nothing that stops them from killing you for doing low fierce.

Don’t get rockball. Low roundhouse xx tornado hold is a great move. Jab tornado hold will combo if they don’t roll. If it’s blocked, jab keeps them from advancing while fierce will keep them blocking, but IS vulnerable if they dash immediately after blocking low rh. Overall, jab is safer, but if they don’t know about the weakness, you’ll never be punished for the fierce one.

More later, including Sentinel strats.

Rogue’s GNS can go through many things due to it’s invicibility at startup. Her J.FP causes a bouncing effect when used on an opponent in the air which can lead to a throw or power drain at normal jump height.:smiley: :cool:

i like the way this thread is going, good tips everyone.

and not to be a dick, but this isn’t really a q + a thread, just a thread for up to date marvel stuff thats RECENT.

I will answer TGS q’s and thats it. Lets keep going in this direction…

Next up, Options in specific match-ups…

what is the magneto unblockable?

great thread

Mag vs Storm

Everyone I know thinks Mag has no real plan to get in Storm, especially with drones backing her up. They say he can’t get in, that he gets kept out and out-prioritized. I disagree. It’s a pain in the ass, but it’s not impossible. You just have to figure out what angles you can come in from.

He still can dash in on her, even WITH her s.rh/c.rh option. Shit is laggy on it’s recovery. Bait it out. Tri jump straight down. If she sticks it out on reaction, dash in c.lk and go on from there. If she calls drones, then you’ll have to make a high angled tri-jump usually, depending on the distance. The c.fp is still something to watch out for, since it’s hella fast and might catch you while you’re tri jumping in.

In an air-air battle, ok, well that’s like 70-30. It’s best for Magneto to stay close to the ground. Lk,lk LAXXLS is something that he can’t take. His FP is pretty useful here though, I’ve found that it can beat out a lot of shit.

I know I’m missing something… someone feel free to correct/add more.

And Mag is top 3 dammit… fuck the man with the gun. :bluu:

i agree that nothing is impossible for mag…why? the one hit rule, haha; but i mean; against a perfect storm and a perfect mag…mag loses in a horrible manner. i agree though, sj.fp makes this fight easier, along with quick seldom tri jumps…but u can’t really get a string going on cuz of s.rh…i find it helpful if magneto has drones against storm, drones or psy is the best way IMO

as far as getting around drones with mag his slide goes under (good when they call drones and superjump)

quote: i agree that nothing is impossible for mag…why? the one hit rule, haha; but i mean; against a perfect storm and a perfect mag…mag loses in a horrible manner. i agree though, sj.fp makes this fight easier, along with quick seldom tri jumps…but u can’t really get a string going on cuz of s.rh…i find it helpful if magneto has drones against storm, drones or psy is the best way IMO :quote

nooooooooo no no no no no

dead wrong. allow me to shed some light on the issue.

mag vs. storm

the explanation is a fucking novel’s worth so imma just lay down some BASIC ass setups you can do that make mag the broke ass bitch character he’s always been

  1. dash in/dash out
  2. dash in/sj and air dash downforward at a 45( if done right avoids storm launcher completely
  3. dash in short short as mixup for dash in/dash out
  4. dash in block counter assist
  5. dash in throw into storm assist (as mention above)


  1. whore the drones
  2. stay on the ground best not to super jump cause when you land, mag will be there and he will outprioritize you in every way
  3. dash in dash out hail
  4. hard to rush down mag, if mag you’re playing is good at repositioning and like to s.j a lot

basically if you’re fighting a top mag then he will know the angles priorities. It’s quite difficult to pin a really hyper active mag.
Notice that i didn’t list storms super jump air dash downforward at 45 degree angle toward mag , cause that shit jus doesn’t work anymore.

In a storm vs. mag fight it’s getting to be a pretty close toss up. It’s all about execution and how fast your mag is and also what assists he has.

Also as far as cable goes…he still serves a purpose…but i used to be a hardcore cable player, and i haven’t touched him in months…

If your mag can’t beat most cables you got some issues and should seek help elsewhere, as this is not a help thread as noted by Mixup

Wow. I can’t believe I’m not the only one who knows the secret weakness of Storm’s s.roundhouse! The only thing that actually hits at any point below her waist is the kick, which actually has very limited range. Beyond that, there is a space between the typhoon and the kick where there is no attack at all; coincidentally(?), it’s exactly the space a jump-in attack would hit.

That’s why Storm/A-Sent doesn’t work and Cable/A-Sent does. Storm/A-Sent has no way to cover a jump-in; Cable just jump jabs for Godlike Marvel priority.

Has anyone found out that there’s something funky with the corners in Marvel? One time I was doing ROM to a cornered Cable, and in the middle of it, I somehow screw up and normal jumped forward while hitting Mags LP and Psy AAA, and somehow Mags “crossed” up Cable and his LP looked like it hit from behind, while Psy AAA connected, and I was able to reset the ROM (note I was 2P and I was doing it on the left corner, if that makes a difference…). I dunno if the opponent could’ve blocked it regularly or had to switch blocking directions, but it looked weird.

Any other corner-only tricks out there?

ey sentinaaal, i got a question for ya because i do agree that it has been getting easier for me to fight storm. [not saying i don’t get pegged with da s.rh sometimes] wut i try n do to storm is supa dupa high tri jump her coming down with fp,rh. sometimes i’ll sj up and come STRAIGHT down with fp,rh. good or bad idea? scared to say shit cuz i was purty wrong last time.