Mixups and Resets changed? I need advise please

Hey guys, I have seen movies where a gouken does:
ex palm , hp hadoken, lp hadoken, low punch (or something like crouch middle kick) and dashes under the opponent and hits him from the other side which is really really cool!

Can we still do that now?

[media=youtube]S2IFXKWjhjM]YouTube - SSFIV Online: Nasser1985 [Gouken] Vs Jesse2929 [Sagat[/media]

Please look at 1:19

That combo is the best I can do at that scenario (no more super bars, no ultras). Can I do any better by going to the other side and HP > Ex palm or something lets say?

Please advise me if you have time.

Another problem I have u may notice is that I never put pressure by low punch hadoken low punch hadoken. I feel afraid of doing this I feel I will get hit!!!

Any tips are welcome plss!!

Gouken has a mixup in the corner with FADC:
EX palm, HP fireball, “something”, FADC, dash, more fun stuff.

That “something” are things that are quick enough for him to recover from or moves that he can quickly FADC out of. If I were to do it, I’d go with c.LP, FADC, dash, then try something on the other side of him. In reality, it’s really fast and highly punishable – one reason why I don’t even bother with it.

IHMO, you’re better off doing the HP fireball, c.HP into a demon flip mixup against charge characters. For someone that has a shoryuken-like move, I tend to c.HP -> wait a split second (to bait) and either sweep or overhead. If I know the person isn’t all that good, I’ll just for for back throw.