Mixups with spencer?



How do mixups with spencer? Haha, besides crouching lows and forward heavys… how can spencer mix up a blocking opponent?


If you can get them to block, an assist + :df:zip = free high/low mixup in the corner.


ohh yeah! the zip hits high?


No, but it puts you at just the height to connect either falling j.:m: or land and low.


I found something today and I don’t know if its much use. On a grounded opponent I did LMHxxzip and then a L Jawbreaker. It allows you to grab them and seems to beat out all grounded reversals, it also can be mixed up with a H jaw breaker to catch jumping opponents. I also did LMH(Call Hawkeye) Zip which then combos to L into a light jaw breaker.

I’m not sure if its useful at all, but its something. Possibly better with an assist?


I’m sorry, but… Haha what did you even try?

This is like, an extremely fake setup. You’re at hella disadvantage after ground :f:zip here so they have more than enough time to make their reversal. Wouldn’t even need to be a light, many Ms would be fast enough to catch you out of this. Or they could just throw you, there’s that too


Well command grab is indeed too slow to use after forward zip, but regular forward throw after close distance forward zip is really legit. In the corner you can combo of it

The incoming mixup I use in A) corner, call rapid slash, sj meaty downward zip then S. Dash in and if they pushblocked, free air command grab, if they didnt pushblock, do cr.l into overhead, reg throw, back off or something. Its hard, to me at least, to react to the pushblock and be ready if they didnt pushblock. B) midscreen meaty sj m, call hawkeye downward zip. Most of the time there is a gap and its a cross up.


It’s not legit, it’s assuming they don’t know any better. Pretty much any situations like that to make a tic throw setup entail you being at frame disdvantage to ensure you can throw. Which means if they have that knowledge, they can always out throw you. And there’s plenty of commonly played characters who get far better gains off a throw than Spencer does.


spencer is -1 or -2 after close up forward zip. I recorded dummy doing close forward zip up back and i tried to throw it. Its possible to throw yeah, but I also recorded dummy to throw after zip and it teched all my throw punishes.


Is down forward zip safe without an assist? How are people using this for pressure?



Its not safe but its harder to throw spencer out of than vertical zip


The UltraLoop [:d::l::d::m::d::h: xx :atk:+:s:] from vanilla sets up a couple of things. AA Command grab, crossunder dash, double and TRIPLE crossunder dashes.


Command grab setups work well and lead to tods… With the right assist it can work 80% of the time and u get to reuse that same assist later in that combo because grabs dont count towards the assist rule