MK Armageddon - the best in the series?

What do you think? I think it’s the funnest, but then again, they took away the characters’ unique Fatalities :sad: . Which MK do you guys think is the best (out of the 3D ones)?

Strip Fighter II



UMK3 is the only MK game to ever play, because Armageddon is garbage. Every time I hear the words “MK Armageddon” I want to find shelter and assume the fetal position, it’s that painful. What are you, some sort of modern age masochist?!

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MK1 and MK2 are the only ones that are worth playing…

Yes, Stfu Kombat is by far the best…

He said “out of the 3D ones” guys. As much as I hate it, im gonna have to go with Armageddon just because the fighting system is slightly better than the others…but they really screwed up badly cause Ive already seen 3 infinites (I hate it when a game has the possibility of infinites).

UMK3 = God Tier MK. sig it up.


UMK3. Or MK2

MK Armageddon comes from the same cesspool as Deception and Deadly Alliance, but it’s probably the best of the three. At least they’re not MK4. That’s a compliment I think.

From the 2D MKs, MK2 is the best.
From the 3D MKs, MKD is the best.(Simple, more balanced.)

Who cares? Its like choosing which is the best knife to cut your penis off with. All feels just as terrible to me.

Deadly Alliance because it’s the only MK where you can dry hump someone to death with a fat asian.

I see what you did there.

We can only hope the new MK that is said to come out “Novemberish” 2008 will actually be good. Assuming it will be 3d, I think it will probly be the best one (Im not anticipating its release by any means at all though).

I had like another 2D MK.

Midway should think about that…:wonder:

I bought Armageddon, it was bleh, and the lack of unique fatalities was hurting it. I only had fun when I picked Nightwolf and just arrowed my friends to death.

Also I bought it because Fry’s is fucking retarded and sold me the special edition for the strategy guides price, and it had UMK3 in it.