MK Community - WE NEED YOU!

This thread is now about a week old, but never to late to be thrusted back into the limelight. You see, the MK Community needs your help. Yes, YOU. There is an individual who is stealing MK content, from videos to stream matches and claiming it as his own, even going as far to cover up any watermarks or logo with his own. We, as the MK Community wont stand for this bullshit. We need to act now and show Youtube what this coward is doing, and get “his” content removed (“his” as in the stuff he has rebranded as his own). Read the following post for the info needed as well as links, and what to do to get this scumbag dealt with!! ITS UP TO US. LETS DO IT!!

To join in this conversation, to update on what you did to help, click here:

What can we do to actually help? Just complain to youtube? Im down for the cause

yup, flag videos, report them to YT, etc.

also, check out this:

BTW this isnt something just for the MK community. I am calling the MK community to get rid of this piece of trash, for SF, Vs, Tekken, etc. For the fighting game community.

hey whats up everyone!! Just stopping in and wanted to say hi! I will be making a solid attempt to carry more of an AU presence on SRK.