MK Fatalities

Hi everyone, im new here, im from Chile South America, i’ve been playing fighting games since i was 10 or something like that but i never had the chance to play a lot with someone until i met some people on college 4 years ago so finally i can practice with someone XD kinda forever alone haha.

I play SSF4, MK9, SoulCalibur 4, BlazBlue, Kof, Tekken, MvC3 and SSBB but im not that good, and since this is my first time here i got something for all you who want to play with friends or by yourself and dont want to worry about learning all the fatalities, so here you have, fell free to print or whatever you want.


Click on “Download Image” on the right and then save it.

PD: I will update every char when its available and also, im working on the PS3 version but im kinda lazy, in the meantime you can use this, just change the buttons : )

Thanks :smiley:

Updated: Freddy Krueger added.

Get that PS3 version done. i want you to put them on TYM too :coffee:

gooooood shit.

Yeah, this is great. My brother an I were looking for something like this for a while now (since the 2nd player finishing moves dont f^#@in save). I second Tim Static on getting a PS3 version, but in the meantime, we can make due with this.