MK II Champion

I’m the MK II (any version) Champion

You are the champion of a game NOBODY plays


lol that scripples sig is funny as shit

too bad offline, you will be far from the champion, and no one plays it. lol

I play it. However, I can’t play the arcade version on my shitty comp. If he wants to play a little z tho, i’m down to whoop on his ass

We all would be MK champions if we still played it.

Yeah ok. There’s still some MK II machines in my area. There’s one at SVGL and one at the New Park Mall Tilt (next to MVC2, SC2, CVS2, etc.) I beat everyone in MK II. No one can beat me unless I’m drunk off my ass lol.

Holly shit they got that workin at svgl, where the hell is that mk2 machine at. I’ve seen a mk2 machine but it’s always off so how is it it’s on when your around…

go beat shirts or dream theater then. play shirts first, if you cant beat him, you are far from the best, cuz dream is the undisputed mk2 champ for the past 83658743658735 years. he never loses 1 game to anyone. you beat him a single game vs his jax, even if he wins 78657864345-1, ill give you props atleast. no one beats him. everyones talked their shit, and none ever backed it up and beat him, no one. so i wouldnt go proclaiming yourself as the best. especially when youve only beat people on shitty ass kaillera and people at svgl lol.

what if i beat sinala or ewashock or whatever his name is on this forum. He also goes by kungbroken

And what about mk2prince?

I don’t play MK2 fool. Play me in UMK3, if you can beat me, play Moe. If you can beat Moe, play Lex. If you can beat Lex, you should try and wake up.

Jason Wilson(Dream Theater) would own any of you for free. I am willing to bet money on that…MK2 of course :karate:

hmmm does he play online?

So anyone up for MK2 or what?? You guys chicken???

shut up and die already.

sixtymhz…why dont you wanna challenge me? scared?

i’l play you. i got a new(ish) comp that can run it now. Lets do this

Well you guys played yet? lol

MK2 Champion… lol. I’m another MK2 champion btw. I’ll invite you to play me next time i can be fucked playing it. Until then, I’m the champion~

Jion_Wansu. Shirts and I will play you first to 10 for $1000. Arcade only.

hehe, nice.