MK II Strats and Discussion

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I’d like strats on Mileena

Always throw Sais in the air. The recovery time is reduced incredibly and this becomes one of the most effective moves in the game.

Random Teleport Kicks and Rolls might work against newbies, but don’t ever do it randomly against an experienced player.

Well I was always pretty damn good at this game, but I remember there’s like two or three guys on here that are godlike, apparently, but I can’t remember their names :stuck_out_tongue: hopefully they’ll see this thread.

mk2 is like rocks paper scissors. scorp beats mileena, mileena beats jax, jax beats everyone else. scorp is useless just about except against mileena. mileena pretty much owns everyone for free except scorp. jax is just the biggest whore. too much to handle

Can someone give me some Baraka tips?

Scorpion can beat anyone, well at least I can beat everyone with him. Jade gives you trouble, because she has that move where she bum rushes you and you can’t hit her. That sucks. But other than that, I never have any problems with Scorpion in any MK games, cept Deadly Alliance.

Who else plays MKII on Kaillera?