Mk into hands?



Im having some trouble doing this how exactly is it done?


can u do hands consistently without adding the mk?


pretty much. I can combo it from fierce


what button seqeunce do u use for hands? also which str hands are u tryna do


when i cancel from fierce i do hp mp lp lp hp


When I do cr MK into hands, I do it in the following sequence:

Cr. Mk -> P-Link LP -> MP -> HP -> HP x2 (or three times, I have fast fingers).

I get it out consistently so give this a try.


2 combo threads, 2 hands threads, 2 general threads


Just give up veserius. This is a lost cause :frowning:


I’m past giving up, i’m at actively mocking it


@Hikodavid - browse through the Decapre threads and you’ll find a thread SPECIFIC for those question. Please, adress your further questions on that thread.


damn this is sad

funny sad