<-MK into SA3

What is the best way to connect the Inazuma Kakato Wari(<-MK) into Super art 3?


back and mk? they’ll need to be crouching for super to hit, it does not cancel so you’ll have to press kick at a certain time(i think)

Well…It only links of the kick hits a crouching opponent. I use it as a mix-up option after a knockdown, and it’s worked pretty well for me so far! If you’re asking about the link timing, then it’s just entering the super after the second kick connects, and as soon as the animation of the kick ends. Hope that helps!

How I do this one is:

Back+MK, buffer two QCFs, if I see them hit while crouching, i drum my fingers across the kick buttons.

Ah! Ok, I got it. The problem was I thought it could connect while the other player was standing. When I entered training mode and I set p2 to crouch. I could do it almost 70% of time while drumming the kick buttons.


:confused:you seriously hurt my feelings when i said almost axactly the same thing:confused:

Right, thanks Daigo Jr and anyone else that helped!