Mk into yoga flame issues :(

I am pretty new to dhalsim, but I love his playstyle. IATs are really fun, and something that really seems to give him an edge vs a certain kind of player. I feel pretty comfortable keeping people where i want them, and i am getting better at predicting jump-ins etc, what I cant for the life of me do though, is this damned med kick into light yoga flame. I have done all the trials, so evidently i can do it given a large number of attempts/time, but right now i cant do it for love nor money.
It seems such a central part of his game in any punish situation that its infuriating not being able to manage it. :mad:

Is there a trick to pulling this off, either on an IAT or after a blocked shoryu etc?
Is it something others have struggled with/raged about?
Do I in fact just suck more than I already think I do? :smile:

When i had trouble doing it I made sure that I wasn’t holding back when I pressed the mk. Just pree the joystick back at the sime time you are pressing the button. This made it loads easier for me.

Also, when doing it off of an IAT, it is easier to do it from his far J.Feirce as opposed to doing the short J.Feirce. The headbutt that you get from jumping close feirce seems to make the timing on the combo more difficult.

Hope that helps.

I hope it does, it looks so damned slick when i port in behind someone and j.fierce, m kick, l flame into super, I just cant pull it out in a fight :confused:
I swear if i ever get that down im gonna be maining dhalsim :smiley:

There’s a shortcut that some players use to make this combo a lot easier… but I’m old school and prefer to do it the manly way :wink:

Try doing the IAT by doing fierce (or b+fierce, b+hk, or whatever else to start the combo), then (or, and then instead of doing a QCB lp.flame, do the shortcut motion (from player 1 side) :df:, :l: + :lp: (and then of course into the Super if you’ve got the bars)


Should help quite a bit. Practice it in training mode from both sides for a solid 20 minutes or so a day… you’ll be doing it in your sleep soon. Plus — you’ll get the idea if you’re more comfortable doing the regular QCB motion or the shortcut. To each his own!

That’s pretty much it. You just have to go practice.

My personal way is instead of the shortcut, I actually do the entire lp flame motion with an aditional diagonal upward input (Basically the same shortcut motion as doing Zangiefs SPD :hcb::ub: :lp:). By doing the motion I get 2 things. Enough personal slowdown to make the combo work flawlessly, and if I continue to 720 in the same motion I can get the super immediately afterwards. Its actually kind of weird because it seems as tho you are doing the super inputs backwards (as if you were doing the super facing the opposite direction) but it still comes out since the game recognizes all the correct inputs.

So doing no forward circle motions you get super? Could you post the entire combo the way you do it? I’d love to try another way of doing it since I am not consistent enough with the normal one!

I have found this works best for me too. If you watch the input data, it almost seems like just moving the stick to back doesn’t register the “back” because of the new input method. Weird, but makes it much more dependable.

I basically only do this if im doing the combo facing right (hard for me to nail the bnb into super using the “correct” inputs facing right) since doing the actual super facing left during the BNB is relatively easy for most people.

Facing right and most likely after IAT HP:

:l:+:mk:, :hcb::ub::lp:, :u::uf::hcb::ub::u::uf::hcb::ub:+ constantly tapping:lp: (basically continue to rotate the joystick in the same motion as the yoga flame, and constantly tap :lp: during the 720 motion and your super should come out every time)

its hard in the begining , but the only advice i can give u is,
practice it in real match. doing it in training mode is not enough if u cant do it in real match
and it would be better if the match is not online , because online matchs are slow or lag,
another thing i can tell u , dont use shortcuts, if u get used to them u will face problems in future while playing real match’s
do b.MK immediatley when u see Sim move his leg , do the light flame
and u might want to try it with j.HP so u can master this combo at once, since its the main and propably the only useful combo for dhalsim

good luck

I personally recommend doing it the standard way instead of mashing it out like this. It better trains muscle memory to take advantage of hit confirms into super.

But that’s just me.

Hit confirming using that method is still possible. Your talking millisecond differences between “correct” inputs and a 720 rotation.

Maybe I’m just slow, but I’m pretty sure I’d jump before finishing the input if I hit confirmed off a yoga fire (at certain ranges). How about linking off a crouching fierce? Why make things harder?

If it works for you, by all means go for it. I just wouldn’t recommend that to new Dhalsim users (are there any?).

My advice is to learn it ASAP, if you put it off you will have to work a bit harder learning how to fit it in your game. I went and played dudley on third strike for a bit of half circle practice.

I don’t think I got my point across. I only use it for BNB when facing right and only during BNB. I pretty much never do it for normal hit confirms, like ever. Altho I will admit that doing it after a c.HP is VERY much possible (But you will obviously do it rotating in the correct input path and not the opposite like I do in the BNB), and I do it on occasion. There is ample time to hit confirm that particular normal and 720. It may be that you are not fast enough, but I come from playing Gief, so maybe thats why it works flawlessly for me, who knows. I don’t think it makes things harder at all, but for myself a bit easier.

It took me about two weeks of practicing it for 30 minutes every day. I would also play the computer on Hard and attempt to punish every unsafe whiffed move with it instead of throw. After a month of playing Dhalsim I was able to land it from a IAT. And pretty much can do it with a 80-90% consistency.

I wasn’t untill a few months ago that I was able to follow up and land a BNB into super at least once or twice in during an online session.
I think I did it twice or three times today online.

Good shit homey =) Practicing sucks a nutsack… but it’s ultimately (and absolutely) worth it. :smiley: Props for keeping at it, Sim is NOT an easy character to play as.

Yeah online play can be a bit tricky sometimes, especially with that tad bit of lag/delay. Good stuff, keep it up!