MK Netcode - is this for real? UPATE: 1.02 PATCH IS LEGIT!

So after all the hub hub about how amazing MK’s netcode was and them hyping the shit out of it, is this really what we are going to have from here on out in MK?

it is virtually unplayable for me on XBL. people I play SSF4 with fine is getting like a literal 1/2 second delay. unplayable. and shit i thought MvC3 online was bad, this is way way worse.

i’m hoping it is just day 1 jitters because my friend and i noticed some other issues w/getting into the same room and what not.

how has online been for you all?

Most console multiplayer games have online woes the first few days. Be patient.

yah i hope thats it.

i remember thinking mvc3 online multi issues were just beginners bs, but it turned out to just be shitty netcode in general.

but are others experiencing this as well?

I’ve experienced this problems when I try to connect to a lobby. However, if I do a quick match via Player Match, the lag is surprisingly good.

Don’t use Player Match, Ranked Match, or King of the Hill. Just go to Join Room, and select someone to play against. You should be fine that way.

IMHO its kinda strange hearing about all the people who have had bad online experiences with MK9. I on the other hand have had great success with the online component of the game.

Ive played all the online modes and TBH I really have to hand it to the MK Team, like I said before IMHO they did a great job with the net-code = ) ( CAN PULL EVERYTHING OFF WITH EASE, THANK GAWD! : )

- I wouldn’t recommend people play with Routers or Wireless Connections though as this can cause a multitude of problems, and yes even just playing with a Wired Router can still cause some nasty issues, including lag. - But I understand that this is the only option for some, so you gotta do what you gotta do.

well that is kind of good news to see some people having success, hopefully it will get better for those of us who are jacked up right now.

dude, im on PS3 and i cant even connect to the damn servers!! WTF is going on?! it just sits there saying “connecting to lobby” what is this shit?!

Tekken was shit online at first, then got a patch. Hopefully MK can get a patch too. But honestly, you had to expect the netcode to be ass coming from MKDC.

I’ve played two games online. One was laggy as shit and the other one was like I was playing offline.

The difference between the two matches was comical. Looks like it will be feast or famine when it comes to MK online.

Shame the online is ass. Maybe Netherrealms will patch the online like Namco Did with Tekken 6. But it might not be for awhile Sigh.

I do wonder why there are such variances in reports about the netcode; maybe it’s affected really heavily depending on your connection?

Lots of people seem to be having serious issues, but lots of people are also reporting great games.

I tried playing MK today on PSN. The servers were down, though. :frowning:

NRS probably got the memo and decided to see what the hell died and is stopping the gears from working.

My online experience has been shit. I been in matches with tons of input delay. Blocking on reaction was impossible. Even doing 1v1 didn’t do much to ease the problem.

I played King of the Hill mode today, and that was almost unplayable. All my combos, and me trying to learn the movement of the game went down the toilet. I was not impressed but I’m sure it will get better soon.

Playing on PSN.

Played 10 or so matches tonight and every single one had pretty significant input delay. I sincerely hope there’s a patch incoming, because other than this hiccup, I’m enjoying this game IMMENSELY!

Reporting great connections everywhere, and Im from Chile… Only mexicans lag me…

I don’t care much about input delay, but I’ve only had about one or two matches without frame lag. It’s quite annoying. Still playable to me, though.

I’ve had some great problems with lag… To the point where it completely destroyed my combos, allowing noobs (not the character) to make some stupid come-backs and win, because it didn’t read the next button in my combo. I’ve had matches where there was a few lag spikes here and there, but, for the most part, playable, and to a point where it’s so bad I want to quit. I thought this netcode was supposed to be great, or something?
on PS3… and no, unlike what everyone thought 3 weeks ago, online is not filled with kratos users… out of around 80 games played online, I’ve only seen him about 4 times. No more than 5. Defiantly not 6 or higher.

This game is too great to have lag online… i want to enjoy it… I am enjoying it, but, it would be better without lag.

You mean people actually played that game? I sure as hell didn’t. I don’t even know who exactly was in that game… Just some people from DC and MK… Only ones that stick out are batman, shazaam, and Lex… and a few other justice league dudes and should have been called MKvJL. And, as far as MK… Sub-Zero, Scorpion, and Lui Kang? I don’t even know if Reptile were in that game. or anyone else, outside of Baraka, Kitana, Shang Tsung, and Raiden.

Now, why does that sound wrong…? lol.

I have no problem playing 1v1 or 2v2 player or ranked matches. And by no problem, I mean no lag (lag =/= input delay) most of the time. There are the matches that I join where the game has a false indication of what their ping is, but it’s fine other than that. The input delay in general could be better but I can deal with it.

Now, the lag on KOTH is VERY bad. They did a bad job compared to SF4/SC4 in this part. I ALWAYS get repeated lag at an interval if I’m playing or spectating. People that I’ve played that have 4 bars have 3 or 2 bars once in the lobby. I really think they added this in at the last minute as it’s pretty bad right now.