MK > SJC > Ultra 2



Hey guys. I’ve been working hard on my Ibuki in the lab, but my biggest hurdle is consistently getting MK super jump cancel into Ultra 2. Some days I get it just fine, others I can’t do it at all. What method do you guys use?

I try to do MK, down, down-forward, forward, up-forward first, then down, down-forward, forward, KKK.

I have a lot of trouble moving the stick that fast and getting consistent inputs… any suggestions? Thanks for reading.

EDIT: So I just realized there already is a similar topic to this, sorry. Mingo provided some excellent information there. I would still like to hear some ideas though. What method do you guys use to move your hand fast enough?


I think its more of a mental chunking thing than a muscle memory thing in the beginning. Its not really THAT fast. You just have to teach yourself to do the motions correctly.

If I think of the motion as (mk 2xqcf+up kkk) I would not be able to do it. For some reason I can do it of I think of the sjc as (mk qcf) + (qcf+up kkk).

Chunking is a term used in psychology(?) to reference to how the brain works and groups things together to make things easier to process. Chunking is what you pretty much have to use when learning new combos. You struggle and forget the combos and then chunk it correctly and do it consistently. So if you instead think of the sjc as two parts to it instead of one big part, it might help.

Its what I use for the p1 side, for the P2 side, I just do it. lol.


Ahh yes. I have heard of mental chunking for learning combos but haven’t thought about it in a year or two. This is very helpful, I shall apply it. Thank you Waffle Slapper. :smiley:


Here is my personal… “story” about MK SJC U2 (I feel like an old grandpa telling his kids lol)
I used to be absolutely not able to do it. Back when KOF XIII went out, I picked the game, and only played KOF for a few weeks.
When I came back to SFIV, I casually tried to SJC ultra and it immediately worked Oo

Getting used to the strict motions KOF requires helped me get cleaner inputs in SFIV :slight_smile:


This also happened to me,I was a Ibuki that couldn’t even jump cancel from the target combo,then I bouht KOF XIII,did some trials,play a little bit,went back to street fighter and boom,jump cancell from c.HP, MK,and even c.LK


Interesting. I always wanted to play KOF, but found learning 3 characters daunting. Maybe I should give it a shot lol


Im currently playing a good amount of KOF and GG, and I can tell you that SF will ruin your input strength. Play some KOF and ull see how bad your input is, then play some cause its so much fun :slight_smile:


Don’t be afraid by the fact that you’ll have to learn 3 characters, because it actually just means you’ll get 3 times the fun :smiley: