Mk sucks and doa sucks resource links

I tried searching the board and I couldn’t find anything, I’m feeling a little tired and slow today so plz don’t flame.

Just a summary or definition as to why they’re so broken and what exactly is wrong with them (exact play mechanics etc) if someone could kindly direct me to an information link and yes I know about

PS No offence to MK and DOA fans, these games are alright in my book but are sort of shallow and in need of work imho.

the same could be said about Mvc2 and Smash brothers melee but you dont see me starting flame threads about those games.

the only good things that DOA got going for it is the graphics and the bouncing boobs thats my reason for liking and protecting this game, everything else is ok.

and MKD OMFG i dont like that game at all but i dont hate it to the poing that i might not play it.

I’m wondering if you actually read my post my whole post eh? I kinda like MK just wish it was balanced and shit, DOA is also alright in my book but I just want a definative standard answer… so I can use it in future you won’t belive how many kiddies I meet out there who go SF SUCKz SO UGLY LOLZ etc etc MKDOA HAS BREASTS BLOOD 3 DIFFERENT STANCES blah blah

so pls

You know what, fuck you.

All throws except neutral throw (which no one uses) and chain throws (which are only breakable after the first guaranteed throw) are unbreakable.

No frame advantage/disadvantage for nearly all of the attacks, most either recover neutral or give a guaranteed throw. I think Ein’s 4K launches on hit but on block gives Ein a throw.

The gameplay is 2D, I don’t think I ever sidestepped/sidewalked a single attack. 1D maybe, I don’t remember jumping too often either =P The only reason to step is to get positioning but it’s really not so useful because they can walk around too.

Sloped semi-infinite combos exist.

Reversals are 0-frame active… a lot of people get caught trying to attack after a reversal, when they get hit by the one right after it.

There’s probably more but that’s basically it. Counters don’t break the game nearly as bad as many people think compared to those reasons.

Your mom sucks worst.

Thanks very much kainzero your my hero! I wonder if someone will post something that argues with your very cool definition? Hope not? :frowning:

I don’t know what delusional world you fanboys are in but bloodriot is right these games suck! There are so many other fighting games that are ten zillion times better, I don’t bother with DOA or MK. When I played them it only lasted like a month then I got bored with them. :lame:

Or you can just play the games you like without worrying about what “little kiddies” have to say about a game. Who gives a shit if a game is broken. If you like it and have fun with it, play the fuckin game.

Yes but how can you have fun with a game if someone is using BS tactics that are really easy to do and BS, it kinda kills the game, what fun?

I don’t quite hate DOA and MK I’d like them to be quality respected fighting games but they aren’t and they probably won’t be for quite some time because they focus on all the wrong things… they’re alright though I’ll play them like a month before I dustbin them but I wouldn’t really waste my time mastering them though

For me it’s more about if I can take the game seriously or not, because if I like a game I want to eventually become good in it.

No it can’t. Especially not about Melee.

I actually like DOA…and the fan service features come second. The fighting engine is actually quite neat, and I feel that it’s a nice game to sit back and play. The fighting system is easy to grasp, and it’s a blast playing tag battle with friends. I also like the characters a lot.

Counters arent broken because of the 0 frame bit(though that doesn’t help) they are broken because they can be done while you’re in HITSTUN during many strings. (Versus only being able to block in hitstun in tekken and maybe vf?)

VF has so many different hitstuns it isn’t funny. Most of them aren’t escapable, however, at least you can break throw followups if you know they’re coming. Any stun that you see the red “Mash Harder, Faggot”(that AV was fucking gold, I tell you) joystick for, you can shake out of. Which of course adds to the mindgames, since if you recover fast, you get thrown, but if you don’t, the next hit they do gets major counter attributes(extra damage, MC-only stuns, etc.)…

Some people will never learn.

IMO, DOA is very simple. There doesn’t seem to br much to learn. It seems to be very rock-paper-scissors based (with the whole hold throw blow thing), and other than learning how to time your counters and throws (which is way too simple) and how to mix up your strings, there just isn’t much to it. Correct me if I’m wrong.

MK, don’t even talk to me about that game/series.

Guys, it’s ok to be afraid of UMK3, you just need to admit to yourselves.