MK. Tatsu -> FADC; Some Strategies and Such (Oni)



First off, I’ll just say that this is my first post and the reason i made an account here on SRK. I’ve been lurking about for a pretty long time now, so here goes my first post.

What’s the point of FADCing a MK. Tatsu over something like LK. Slash, you ask? Well, simply put: A change of pace, Combos and Gimmicks.

**How do I FADC a MK. Tatsu? ** Do a focus attack on the very first hit of the tatsu, on Oni’s MK and HK Tatsu’s there is a low kick before the high ones. FADC that one.

Pace Changing:
This is one of the primary reasons you would ever want to FADC a MK tatsu- This is a VERY fast move and will catch many people off guard. It makes Oni spazz out kicking like he’s Goku or something, and it seems to confuse a lot of people. It is possible to do a (wimpy) karagrab directly after the dash forward if you want to mix it up a bit. This’ll be mentioned in the gimmicks section

This isn’t meant to be that full-damage-half-of-your-lifebar combo, this is intended to get in 200-300 damage quickly and for very little risk. You can combo from pretty much any Special Cancelable move, and some others that aren’t. It isn’t possible to ult1 from a FADC’d MK Tatsu, And I have yet to try it with ultra 2. If you want to do the “Goku Kicks” with this just for fun, use a standing MK, cancel on first hit into MK tatsu, and FADC into your preferred move/gimmick/mixup.

Gimmicks and Stuff
As mentioned earlier, many opponents fall for getting grabbed after doing the FADC, unless of course the enemy is mashing DP or a similar reversal. It is fairly easy to enter a mixup after doing a forward grab while in a corner, or doing some attack-luring after canceling. If the enemy has “figured you out” It is fairly easy to use this FADC to change your playstyle near instantly. Suddenly Oni agressive, and not the opponent.

Doing a slash after the FADC is an interesting way to catch fighters off guard. Don’t be afaid to try a MK slash if they are reading your HK’s.

Some Inputs to try:

MK > MK. Tatsu > FADC >HP Shoryuken

LP > LP > FLP > MP > MK. Tatsu > FADC > LP (Changeable) > (SELECT SPECIAL)

Cr.LP > BMP > HP > MK. Tatsu > FADC > LP > BMP > LP. Hadoken > FADC > ULT1 > Taunt

As per the norm with Oni, these combos are extremely flexible. Its possible that you remove some hits or add others, I just added ones that are interesting/fun/good.

I’ll be happy to hear what experiences you have playing them Oni mind games!



I find it to be the easiest non ex special special to get a crumple off of so if I’m being lazy I get the crumple and do ultra 2.


Im guessing they just dont see it coming or…?


Sorry if I wasn’t clear I meant after a confirm instead of doing fireball fa lv.2 crumple I do mk tatsu.


Quite sure you can do MK Tatsu xx FADC s.HP. The best thing is that you don’t have to confirm it since it forces stand.


You can also do MK tatsu FA crumple


Ultras allday erry day.


i cant get my opponent to crumble after mk tatsu fadc lvl 2