MK TE Stick (Xbox 360)


Thinking about possibly selling. Tried to sell locally but Ive had no hits.

So I may try here. Its flawless, Ive used it about three times and it still has its original box. No game. As crazy as it may sound, I prefer to use my controller for MK vs the TE. Sorry for the quality, I took these Via iPod.


LOL guess not


Have to be a member for at least 6-months AND have a minimum of 50-posts in addition to posting a price.




Well thanks for reporting me. I simply did what a friend suggested for me to do.


Mandatory “If your friend told you to jump off a bridge” etc
Your friend doesn’t bypass the forum rules :stuck_out_tongue:


Right. But we were discussing selling the stick and he said “Try SRK” so that’s what I did.