MK tournament edition fight stick question

Hi everyone sorry if this is a newb post but i have only been into fighting games for about a year now and i just got my first fight stick. Basically I won a MK tournament edition for free from my work (gamestop) and i was extremely happy as all my friends use fight sticks to play it (mad katz tournament editions). when it was finally shipped to us (after waiting 3 months) i found out that, much to my dismay, it is the ps3 version. (everyone i know plays on 360). basically my question is can i mod this unit to work on the 360? i know that pretty much the only way to do this would be to change out the pcb, but i have no idea what i am looking for. i was thinking something from xacrade, but i dont want to buy anything and it not work for me. if someone can point me in the right direction that would be fantastic. thanks for your time.

You could use a CHIMP but you aren’t going to find one unless someone on here is selling it. Maybe try to message the person who makes them, Toodles, and see if he has one laying around. Other than that, you could sell it or trade it for a 360 version, but you have to be a member on this site for 6 months to use the trading forum.

A ChImp is not going to do any help for Kilokk.
Toodles is on vacation until July 20.
No one can buy anything.

And he can use the Trading Outlet, no matter old or new.
The Six Months and Fifty Post is for Selling and Trade, not Buy.

so then the xarcade pcb will not help me?

There are several options that you can pursue, however be aware that anything made by Toodles is going to be out of stock for a few weeks.

Akishop PS360: This one is pretty easy. You will want to keep your original PCB installed so that you can solder wires to the PS button, Start, Select, and “shoulder buttons” that make direct contact with the stock PCB, and then wire these to the terminals on the PS360, as well as the USB wires. This will obviously require the use of a soldering iron, but this is definitely the easiest of the options available for dual-modding the PDP TE.

Toodles Chimp SMD: You will need to buy this and a common-ground Xbox 360 PCB, and wire the Xbox 360 controller to the Chimp. This is a more technical mod and you will have to look up some of the threads here about it if you want to wire one up. They are currently out of stock and I am not sure when the stock will be replenished, but one of the nice features of this PCB is that it automatically detects what system it’s connected to so you don’t have to press a button to switch from Xbox 360 to PS3 and vise-a-verse.

Toodles MC Cthulhu + Imp Switch: This is the most complicated of solutions, but it’s got the most versitility. You have to wire all the buttons from an common ground Xbox 360 PCB to the MC Cthulhu PCB, and then wire both to the Imp switch. The MC Cthulhu also supports other systems like PS2, Gamecube, Xbox 1, Dreamcast, and more, however this is a bit of work and I’m not sure if you’d want to go through all that just to play older versions of Mortal Kombat. Like the Chimp SMD it’s currently out of stock and I don’t know when stock will be replenished.

For your purposes I would say your best option would be the Akishop PS360. It’s easy to install and cost effective, and I am guessing you will probably not need support for systems other than the PS3 and Xbox 360 anyway. I also recommend you pick up an iL Eurostick and some convex Competition pushuttons when you get the chance, since they will make the stick a lot more responsive than the stock parts. Not to mention that you’ll have a much shorter wait time! (I assume you’re not keen on waiting a few weeks to start playing against your friends).

I was going to type all that too.

And maybe that was what nakadish meant by using ChImp.
In meaning ChImp with an Xbox 360 Controller.
Because ChImp alone is absolutely nothing.
That is why I said no help.

You have one problem. Replacing the PCB on the MK TE will be problematic for the 5 small top buttons, they are held in place by the PCB. The easiest thing to do would be to hack a madcatz fightpad PCB and plug the holes of those 5 buttons put them somewhere else. I suggest getting 5 cheap yenox buttons and a 1 1/8 drill bit and put that on the back.

Can’t you just cut the traces and solder wires to it?
There is no reason to remove the PCB and have that problem.

wow… there are a lot of options to choose from! hopefully my soldering skills are up to snuff though, as i dont want to break it >.< will the akishop ps360 get it working on pc as well?


sweet! to bad it cant be as easy as plugging it in to an xbox though… but meh cant complain as it was free :smiley:

Yeah that is a possibility. Might be a bit delicate procedure to suggest for a noob. Don’t know how thin the traces are on the PS3 version, but the Xbox 360 ones where small and hard to trace. 26 gauge stranded wire, flux, Soldering iron, solder hobby knife, dremel and something to slow the heart rate.

It’s why every good modder drunk mods.

I have looked closely at the PCB and it has spots beneath the rubber contact buttons that should be quite easy to solder to, and they are handily marked. I’ll have to bust out the multimeter to be sure, but I’m pretty sure that the buttons that are directly on the PCB share a common ground meaning no heavy modification would be required.

I reccommend that anyone who is inexperienced with soldering to a PCB practice on an old TV remote first. If you know what to expect when you use the soldering iron then you are less likely to screw up when it counts. You will learn from your mistakes, so it’s better to make those mistakes on a PCB you don’t care about before you try it on the real thing.