MK Trilogy - Broken! Vol. 2 Released

Selpex and ded_ have done it again. MKT: Broken Volume 2 for N64 is here, with more insanely ridiculous inhuman combos to enjoy, with more morph combos, 100%s, and fun for the whole family!

Copy, Paste, and Enjoy.

Fun to watch as always, though poor Sheeva gets her ass kicked a lot in the video.

i think ded counted the hits on that last combo as 53, havent got round to it yet, yea mkt psx has male ninja switches

Selpex you should have ended that combo with an otg ducking LK instead of the cannon ball to get the hits read out, I think I counted 51.

wouldnt of been 100 after the grab using dlk i dont think, with the dp, but could of went for 2 grabs in finish him then dlk


gj guys! <3 love to the umk community

Nice… Yeah I counted 51 too…

You know, I love that a handful of diehards keep this game alive.

Helps me pacify my HUGE X-Men VS Street Fighter addiction.

Awesome combos, but if I hear Nightwish in another fucking vid I’m gonna kill someone.

lovely, I still keep the old MK games close to my heart, i use to play those more than SF back in the 90s.

Impressive as always! Those Kung Lao combos were the most amazing to me and the final combo with Sindel DOUBLE flight cancelling… Thats beasting!

Guys im uploading MKG vol 2 right now!

i’m always a fan of those nasty mk vids you guys make


vol 2 is done?!

Oh my goodness, what the hell did I just watch.


Agreed Nightwish and Linkin Park get over used Heavily in combo/anime videos, other than that the video was cool nice job, wow MK Trilogy is more nuts than I thought.