Capcom and Netherealms studios are similiar for one reason. They both release a ** BROKEN** game too get there money really quick and then they just sit their with there money and lie to why they cant fix something. If you are promised something when you buy a game it should come WITH the game, no if ands or buts about it. Why can’t this company just wait to release a game? Just take a minute and look at the game and its flaws that shouldn’t be in the game. Think about really really hard.

Obviously, you are not involved in software development. QA can be unhappy, the programmers can be unhappy, but marketing can and often will make promises that cannot be met, while management will demand a release be cut on a flawed and incomplete product. I have been there time and again, escalating warnings all the way to the top that there is a major bug that will cost millions. Every time I was proven right, after I was ignored and it was released. Ever wonder why every single piece of software you seem to run is a buggy mess? Half the features should never have passed initial planning and the product required double the time and budget complete properly. We may see better quality if you were prepare to wait a couple of extra years per game, get less features and pay, say, US$150. The graphical demands of the average user today are also huge drains, meaning far less can be budgeted to features, leaving them constantly buggy and incomplete. There is a far larger picture at work here, but feel free to blindly throw blame wherever you will.

PS No, I am not a Capcom dev :wink:

Capcom is the publisher of Capcom games. So why are you protecting the developers. I’m mad at CAPCOM, the company that chooses the release dates. Not the developers.

The problem is capcom has testers. But the testers can do only so much and they tend to no find problems more often than not. But once the game is released you find there are so many problems because the game is released on a wider scale meaning there will be so many un expected problems testers may not of find.

And these infs are only showing up now. Give it time, they must first find these “broken” problems then find a way to fix them. its not as easy as you think.

So just give the devs a break, let them first find out about these bugs then patch them a later date, maybe 1-2months game will be fixed

And plus these devs may of not even known about these problems.

I blame desk.

It’s like that story of the eskimo and the priest:

A priest went to Alaska for missionary work within a group of Eskimos. One day the priest is sitting by a fire talking to one of the eskimos and he’s explaining christianity to him. He explains to him that all sinners will go to hell, and that we as humans are inherently sinners. The only way to save our souls is to repent and baptize one’s self in the name of God. The eskimo then asks “What if the person doesn’t know about God or baptism?” To which the priest replies, “Well, those people are automatically allowed into heaven because they didn’t know.” Then the eskimo asks “Then why did you tell me?”.

You guys wouldn’t know to consider them broken aspects of a game had you not been told. You guys need to be told everything.

Bunch of babies is what you are.

i think my main issue with this is that they havnt said anything about it yet…look there are bugs in games…and usually they are fixed within a reasonable time frame…but with capcom sometimes they just leave things as is look at the dhc glitch deadpool trish bug they didnt fix that at all and waited for a new version about 8 months later…the infinites the sound glitch the megaman glitch…i think this game has worse problems then marvel

Not sure if troll

I cant think of very many fighting games that aren’t released without at least a few glitches, bugs, or infinites.

In fact I don’t think i’ve ever played one that didn’t

You’re acting like all of that shit is new, there will always be a couple of bugs/glitches when any game is just released because its impossible to find every problem a game has with only a few testers.

The game doesn’t seem broken to me. There’s a few bugs, but it’s not like any of them really hurt my experience that much. The only one I even notice is the multiplayer sound glitch, and since that doesn’t even have an adverse affect on gameplay, it’s forgivable.

While we’re talking about Netherrealm Studios, though, how great would Street Fighter x Mortal Kombat be, huh? I keep thinking to myself, Ryu was able to give Sagat a huge, permanent scar with his Metsu-Shoryuken. Thrown into the MK universe, he could probably uppercut a guy clear in half.

It’s a shame that Capcom would probably pull a DC and disallow their Street Fighters to kill or be brutalized in kind. Talk about your missed opportunities.

your stupid, bro

Capcom really should just hire Desk. Then again, they’d never perfect the game because he would always find a way to break it…

ITS NOT THE DEVELOPERS!!! Capcom should spend more time testing the game out and If they need to up the budget, because they would get a lot more buyers if the game did not have so many bugs and infinites. BTW KOF13 was released with one bug.

Im not you’re bro, guy

All games will never get things right off the bat.

You guys do know that starcraft 1 is 13 years old and they still release balancing patches out for it right?

That made me laugh, because they’d get almost the same amount of customers.

mainly because none of their bugs are game breaking or super easy to accomplish most of the time.

In before closure

hey bro why is it that your so mad, bro

All you have to do is jump and press lk+hp

and Kazuyaz infinite is just xx qcb+lp, xx qcb+hk.

Adults are speaking right now, I’m sure there’s a character thread you like. Go and play!

Tekken 6 had no glitches or infinites. Namco let players play Arcade edition for about 2years, patch everything then put the game on console.

It is very very unlikely that TTT2 will be on console with a infinity and glitches.

Tekken also has a pre-made combo system… kind of hard to find infinites in a game that’s not focused upon experimentation and ends your combos after a certain point.