(MK) why don't fireballs collide?

Is there a reason why fireballs don’t collide in MK? Have the developers said anything about it?

If they did it would allow for more a slower game vs the heavy rushdown you get in MK9

They did it that way in the original MK to partly to differentiate the game from SF and partly because it was more badass that way… same as the block button, juggle combos, etc.

And like all of those things, it is the correct Mortal Kombat way of doing things and to change it would be heresy.

Hmm, I see. Still, too weird. Thanks.

Not having projectiles colliding with each other in MK creates some interesting scenarios because some characters’ projectiles have different properties. For example, in a fight between Sub-Zero and Scorpion, if Scorpion gets hit by Sub-Zero’s ice projectile and Sub-Zero gets hit with Scorpion’s spear, Sub-Zero gets a free hit because it prevents Scorpion from doing anything since he’d be frozen.

This also prevents, for the most part, projectile battles from happening often. IMO the only time that this trait is annoying is a fight between two Sub-Zero’s because, as you can imagine, two Subbies doing the ice projectile at the same time will just cause both players to sit there and do nothing and wait until they thaw out :D. You can’t imagine how often I’ve seen that in tournament and online play LOL