MK X : Character selection based on playstyle! Help!


Hello, I couldn’t find a specific, MK X section on SRK, so I made a post here.

I just got MK X like a week ago. I’m doing pretty alright, but I’m kind of confused by character selection and the game itself. The game is a 2D game, but, it reminds me of a mix of 3D fighter and a 2D fighter, which I like, but, therein lies confusion…which is it…?

There is spacing and zoning, but no where near Street Fighter for instance. Street Fighter, MK, Tekken, and Soul Calibur 2, were my first fighting games. I played SF II on SNES and LOTS of MK 1, 2, and 3 on SNES as well as Deadly Alliance on Game Cube years later. I learned the fundamentals of fighting games from SF…and learned how to do special moves from MK and Soul Calibur lol.

I play differently based on 2D or 3D, and if I’m playing a 2D game, I play an opportunistic game. I’m not a rush down player, I’m a player who waits for an opening and punishes mistakes, and tries to keep good spacing…I guess I do the same thing in Tekken; I play Heihachi, Kazuya, and Devil Jin…

In MK…zoning and patience are kind of easily eliminated, and I’m still getting used to the block button. I play Jason for the high damage output, machete throw, which makes people that stand and block have to move or jump, and people that won’t block at all run right into it. I’m tired of the character being called lame and cheap…but, for me, he’s not a bad character. He’s can be played defensively and offensively.

I’m looking for non-lame characters who can punish and do high damage. I’ve tried Kung Lao because he’s supposed to be so good, but, I just suck at playing him. Kung Jin feels lame, Liu Kang feels lame…Kotal Kahn plays alright, but only war god…I like straight forward characters. I like Shinnok Necromancer(kind of lame and not straight forward :confused: ) , Raiden is cool, I play a bit of Tremor…so yeah, I play Mishima’s in Tekken and in SFV I play Guile…hopefully you can give me a little bit of advice.