MK1 | Ermac nonsense

I remember reading in an EGM a looooong time ago(1993) that some fool claimed to have found Ermac in MK 1, he even had a picture to boot. Of course he had no logical explanation how he actually fought Ermac.

I never heard anything else about the story, I always assumed it was a hoax. Anyone know?

If I remember correctly, Reptile was the hidden character on MK1. The information you heard or read is indeed incorrect…

It’s just a rumor and Ermac is actually a product of this rumor. The rumor goes to say that sometimes Reptile would appear as a red ninja and his name would read “ERROR MACRO”. Whether it is true or not I’m not sure, but if it is - I don’t think it was intended to be Ermac, but it DID end up becoming Ermac further down the line.

Ahh, the old Ermac thing. 12 years later, and people still don’t know whether or not Ermac actually exists in MK1. I personally think it may or may not have been a hoax; what I heard was that Ermac meant ‘Error Macro’ in the game coding, and that Ermac was a glitch. In this glitch, Scorpion became red, and the name Ermac appeared in his lifebar. Same moves and everything as Scorpion, he was just red with the name Ermac. If this is true, then it may have been the influence for the UMK3 character later on.

I’ve heard about this. It’s a one in a million glitch or something. I heard that Midway made it canon in the storyline, & that Ermac was an outworld spy or something working alongside Reptile.

A bit off the subject but does anyone know what Ermac & Rain look like under their masks?

It’s entirely untrue, the whole thing was a hoax, the game has been taken apart (based on the actual hidden character concept) piece by piece to find any trace of it, and has been determined to be mathematically impossible (based on the glitch concept) for a random pallet swap for a pallet that doesn’t exist in the game to occur. This has been discussed at length on MKO and I have been fighting with countless people on and off about it for a couple years. At least a dozen Ermac Exists threads, or some incarnation of it, have been locked, however, the cynical webmasters won’t admit that it’s fake because they themselves don’t fully believe it isn’t.

Once again, no red Scorpion, no Error Macro, ever occurred, in MK1.

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It never existed. There was no “red glitch”. In any version. Nothing. It was just the EGM mock up and spread from there. The EGM pic was tinted and dark to make Scorpion look red. If you look at the backround in the pic, other yellows are also red.

EGM April Fools > gaming community

i was so looking forward to using Akuma in RE2 :sad:

Can’t remember if it was Boon or Tobias, but one of them clearly stated in an interview that there is no Ermac in MK1. In the test menu for MK1, it does have a counter for “Error Macros”, but it has nothing to do with a hidden character…it just counts how many error macros the game has had…

In MKII they went so far as to put in counters for things that don’t even exist, like “Shawn Attacks”, “Kano Transformations”, etc, just to get people to play the game, trying to find stuff that isn’t there. :tdown:

Now THAT shit looked tight! Anybody got a pic?

You know, while we’re on this topic, I heard that Shen Long is a hidden character in SF2.

Can someone confirm this for me?

hey what about that old thing about lui kangs hidden fatality in mk2…u know the one thats in the backround of the pit 2?? supposedly it ws a huge fireball fatality?? anyone??

Here’s another piece of gaming bullshit: “the ps2’s emotion engine is powerful enough to render Toy Story in real time” :rofl:

Funny thing is EGM could kinda sue BOTH CAPCOM AND MIDWAY…their April Fools tricks spurned out the real ERMAC AND AKUMA (based off Sheng Long)

Another MKII question…

In The Pit II background, you can see a Liu Kang type character with green trim and a flaming character in the far distance.

Are they supposed to be Hornbuckle and Blaze? Of course, Blaze saw the day of light in Deadly Alliance, but was Hornbuckle supposed to be one of those “secrets that never existed” in MKII?

It is Hornbuckle and Blaze…

What’s an “error macro”?

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