MK11 Fightstick Button Layout


What layout are y’all using for MK11? I’m a bit of an old timer so I wanted something with that klassic MK feel. I also haven’t played MK in years, so things are not quite like I remember them. Currently testing this out:

[  Stance  ] [ BP ] [ Block ] [ BK ]
[ Interact ] [ FP ] [ Throw ] [ FK ]

I’m assuming Back/Forward hits replaced High/Low hits. I like this layout because it keeps the Uppercut in the same spot I remember (Down + High Punch), but I don’t like that the Leg Sweep moved up to HK, as I find myself instinctively going for LK all the damn time.

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Thats my Layout but i use a Hitbox Style device with 24mm Buttons so they are easyer to Reach.

[  1  ][ 2 ][ 3 ][ 4 ]
[ Block ][ Grab ][ Stance ][ Interact ]

Overall you actually just need to Map 5 Buttons since the Rest can be Activated via Multiple Button Hits.

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Gonna try that button layout on my hitbox as well. Been struggling to find a comfortable layout

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Having a stick with a thumb button for block would probably be very beneficial since you can’t just hold back to block and it wouldn’t have your hand so scrunched together to be pressing block all the time but I know most people have the regular button layout of four top and four bottom


A little late here to the party here. As a hitbox user, my buttons are 24mm so a little easier to reach. I don’t like the default block button being on the bottom row, so I struggled for quite a while to find a comfortable setup due to the Interact being the meter burn and Block + Stance being Fatal Blow. I think I’ve found the most comfortable layout, for me at least, and I didn’t have to change the default 1 2 3 4.

[FP] [BP] [Interact] [Block]
[FK] [BK] [Throw] [Stance]
This set up allows for super easy access to meter, less missed blocks (imo sometimes I get the wrong button when block is in the middle and I try to get a quick flawless block).
Also, fatal blow is in a nice spot: