MK3 vs UMK3 vs MK Trilogy - The Differences


Big BIG thanks to ded_ along with tons of help and info from Shock…

from’s MK3 vs UMK3 vs MK Trilogy PT1’s MK3 vs UMK3 vs MK Trilogy PT2

Discuss and feel free to ask questions too :coffee:


Neat. I always used to play MKT with my bro when I was little. It was my favorite game for a long time. I played three of the most broken chars and I didn’t even know it!!! I mained rain/noob/kung lao. lol

HAHA I main really broken chars in umk3 too. :rolleyes:


MK is more balanced than UMK right?


If you mean MKT, then no. There are more unbalanced characters in MKT than there are in UMK3.


Can someone please tell me which of the old 2D MKs Kahn was a playable character in, with a code or otherwise? Or was he only ever available in MUGEN and hacked versions?



Kahn was definitely in the Non-Nintendo Trilogy as a starting character. I’m thinking the console ports probably had kodes, but it fails me to remember which games…


Ummm I know by code, MK2 and MK3 on SNES, i think Genesis too. Probably UMk3’s too. Of course PSX MKT too (no code)