MK9 2012?

So I heard while watchig the podcast that MK9 could possibly not be comming back next year and that this was the last time it could be played at Evo. However it had alot of entrants for it not being as big as SF or Mahvel and not only that I think alot of people can admit there was alot of hype comming from MK9 then most people expected, along with alot of shit talking and fights almost breaking out LOL.

My question is, if MK9 continues to be kept in community tourneys and played will it be in Evo 2012 or is this really the last time we’ll see it?

Sadly the game is dying fast in a lot of areas. Like New England. I love this game, but they did a lot wrong with it. Button config was huge. It takes way to wrong to make sure everything is running fine. Also the waves of updates that changes characters every couple of weeks.